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Friday, August 28, 2015


15 Craigside is today hosting VISIONS IN ART THROUGH PAINTINGS AND PHOTOGRAPHY, where residents exhibit their creativity.  Sorry, but the public is not invited.  Each exhibitor (and there are only around ten of us) was allowed to only designate 5 guests?  I suggested that we invite the world and serve champagne.  Neither recommendation was approved.  I think much of this has to do with security and privacy, plus necessary parsimony.

It takes a lot of work to put something like this together, and Irene  Zane (right) should be applauded for her fine leadership.  I should also mention several others, but I became a displayer because of her.

Residents made greeting cards for sale and refreshments were available.  Many residents volunteered their time to assist in assorted ways.

Photos also were on sale for $3, with proceeds to some worthy function at 15 Craigside.

While the shot to the left arrived via e-mail from Yvonne of Arcadia, most of the photos in my display came from slides taken more than a third of a century ago.  Some were developed in my darkroom using Cibachrome, and, these, too, are around that old.  They still look okay, but are crinkled at the edges.  Then there are a few just processed this past month with a slide to digital converter.

These photos were roughly in chronological order of our travels around the world.  While a couple of the slides are more than half a century old, the following was taken a year before my wife, Pearl, passed away six years ago at the age of 69.  At the very end are photos of my tribute to her.

In 1963, where she is standing with our dog Pepper next to the famous Slippery Slide  from the movie South Pacific.  

In the background is where Bloody Mary sang Happy Talk to her daughter and Navy lieutenant.  More importantly, this was our backyard when I was a trainee at the Kilauea Sugar Company.

Each of these photos has a story.  For example, just a simple gold koi seems meaningless.  However, several years ago in the midst of laying Pearl's ashes around the world, I happen to visit Matsumoto Castle and thought, this is, indeed, a worthy site for one of her gel caps (which contained her ashes).  So, on the way out I tossed one into the moat, and a gold koi, surrounded by a thousand other koi, mostly black, ate the gel cap.  A year later I went back to the castle, and, was shocked that the gold koi (and there is only one) was waiting for me.  These  photos were taken a year apart.

Here are other important people at my display, starting with Suzie, the Chief Operating Officer of 15C:

#2 with Sybil, Betsy and Harvey, then on the bottom with Pearl's sister, Doris.

Here are some resident artists with their creations.  Eppie, followed by Don, then Kathy:

Some of these individuals actually are professionals, but others, like me, just found a way to place a few photos or pieces of art in some sensible order.  While there might have been one or two who  commented that the activity was too commercial, everyone I know who bought something thought they were getting a good deal.  Clearly, the event was well appreciated, and surely will be continued on some annual or biannual basis into the future.

It's a big day for at 15C, as tonight we have a dinner outing at Ocean House on the beach at Waikiki. Right close by is where the fireworks emanate on Friday nights.

Hurricane Ignacio is at 90 MPH, but should weaken into a Category 1 by Monday, and should take a northerly route and move parallel to the islands through Wednesday:

However, Hurricane Jimena, now also at 90 MPH, will strengthen into at least a Category 4, and by latest projections, seems headed straight for the Big Island.

The expectation, though, is for some weakening before getting too close to Hawaii.  However, it's too early to tell for sure.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Erica at 50 MPH is causing flooding in the Caribbean, but is now projected not to attain hurricane strength, and make landfall over Florida along the Florida Keys:

Erica can still be considered a danger, for if she moves just slightly west and enter the Gulf, which is warmer than the Atlantic, bad things can happen.   But not one computer model shows Erica getting too far west:


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