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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Here a Saturday, and so gloomy a title.  Actually, I'll be posting on TIME magazine's, Answers Issue, and can overwhelm you with a beginning series of stats, for every day:
  • we tweet 500 million times,
  • watch 4 billion videos on Facebook,
  • upload half a million new hours to YouTube,   
  • and you haven't the faintest idea about 
    • Reddit (front page of the internet), 
    • Pinterest (photosharing, but good luck trying to find out what this is all about
    • BuzzFeed (social news and entertainment) and 
    • ViralNova (social media site featuring viral videos), where I immediately got sent to 
      • What Drinking Fluoride Does to Your Body
      • Three Death Foods to Avoid (excruciatingly lengthy, and it begins with Diet Coke being terrible, but, worse are many of these foodstuffs banned in many countries):
        • yogurt (yikes!!!)
        • wheat bread (good, I avoid it anyway)
        • cereal bars (hmm...I've had these on a golf course)
      • Breakthrough Which is Causing People to Lose Too Much Weight (so long that I quit before getting to the breakthrough)
Anyway, it is reported that in 2013, 2.6 million of us died in the USA, with 1.9 million being 65 or older.  Interestingly enough, 23,440 babies under the age of one passed away, while only 9,408 of children from one through fourteen did not survive.  No wonder one year old birthday parties are so symbolically important.  Graph from Data 360.

Sadly, 28,655 committed suicide.  However, more people commit suicide in South Korea than the U.S., and they have less than one-sixth our population:

We have a high obesity rate, for 66% of adults are overweight.  Only 4.4% of North Koreans are overweight.  When you board a flight in Polynesia, someone passes out seatbelt extensions.  Why?  86% of Tongans are obese.

85% of the corn we consume is genetically modified.  There wouldn't be any papaya industry in Hawaii without the GMO's Rainbow Papaya.  Next to come, from Del Monte, GMO pink pineapples, high in lycopene, which has a role in preventing cancer.

The issue also delved in other facets of life in the USA.  For example:
  • Meryl Streep has been in 48 feature films and has had 19 Oscar nominations.  Her Ricki and the Flash, directed by Oscar Director Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) opens on August 7.  Looks like #20, and she sings.  She took opera lessons as a child.  Her real daughter, Mamie Gummer, is her her screen child, and Rick Springfield plays guitar in Ricki's band.
  • Warren Buffett, who is worth $69.3 billion, and says he has pledged 99% of that to charity, has composed one e-mail.
  • The best "future" job in American is Audiologist, with a current salary of $69,720, a low 6.3 rating for stress and with a 34% potential for growth.  Right behind is a University Professor with $68,970/6.9/25% scores.  I'd rather save Planet Earth and Humanity than peer into ears.
  • The Dalai Lama meditates and prays 6.5 hours/day.  Okay, he's not American, but he does spend time here.

Hurricane Guillermo is at 105 MPH and headed for Hawaii:

If Guillermo does not weaken by Tuesday, then who knows what will happen.  The computer models are all over the map.

A more dangerous ocean storm is Soudelar, still only a tropical storm at 60 MPH.  However, strengthening to at least a Category 4 is expected, and the current eye path heads towards Taiwan:


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