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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today I continue sharing information for the Blue Revolution.  Over the past few years, Blue Revolution Hawaii has informally partnered with the Seasteading Institute (SI).  We are involved with the early stage research and development of floating structures to develop our sustainable ocean resources while enhancing the marine environment.  SI is exploring the concept of creating seasteads for sovereign status.  We have similar goals and complementary purposes.

The Seasteading Institute announced the winner of its Floating City Project Architectural Design Contest:  Five Petals by Emil Marvin Rozario Suerte of De La Salle University at Dasmarinas, Philippines:
To quote the winner:

The five petals represent the city’s beauty, water, energy, materials, and equity. In the last decades, the ratio between the natural resources available and the population are not equal which raised the awareness of the community about the way the cities manages its resources to fulfill their needs. These floating cities emphasized that it is not just about creating a city life in the middle of the water but sustaining the needs of people that will live there. The importance of an urban green city influences the community and manifest of bringing back harmony to the earth but also stimulate economic conditions of the community and the equality of all living there. These concept offers an enticing form and be the strength for the furtherance of both the people and the community. It must tender a picture of unified urbanity and environment to magnetize the public to be concerned on their environment and to use the resources they have.

In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Erica now at 40 MP appears to have a track similar to Danny, but shows potential for attaining hurricane strength in the vicinity of Cuba, then heading for the Bahamas and Miami, Florida:

In the Pacific, Tropical Storm Ignacio at 40 MPH has popped up, should strengthen into at least a Category 2 hurricane, and move in the general direction of the Big Island of Hawaii:

However, computer models are all over the map:

If landfall results, that would occur around next week Monday.  This series of ocean storms could continue for some time, as right behind is another disturbance:


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