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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Last night 15 Craigside went to Ocean House, on the beach at Waikiki in the Outrigger Reef Hotel.  I'm very familiar with the special room we were provided, for Blue Revolution Hawaii annually celebrates our mahalo dinner here.

There appears to be an age difference in the two groups.  The bottom one is us, and Eric to the right is President of our Association.

As the two individuals in the back left can't be seen, here are Alfred and Charlotte, with our primary interface, Alika, in the middle:

Alika was, perhaps, the most efficient waitress we have experienced in any of our dining outings.

As we were only charged $25 total for as many wine bottles as we could bring, Henry brought a Chardonnay and here are my two Stanford wines, a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon:

I just ordered five cases (I've annually been purchasing these Stanford alumni wines now for more than a quarter century) to open up space in my wine refrigerator, for I leave on my next around the world adventure in less than three weeks, and the new batch will arrive soon after I get home.

I started with an escargot and mushrooms:

Okay, but, maybe, with a little too much taste.  Here is Henry's sashimi:

I had the sunset special, prime rib, but the medium was almost well-done:

Not sure what Alfred ordered, but Charlotte had some kind of clam bake:

She said her corn was not up to 15 Craigside standards.  Audrey's lobster dish:

Just as we finished dinner, the fireworks began:

There is something overwhelming about the noise when when you're right next to the explosion.  I finished with a cappuccino (how many of you knew this was the correct spelling?):

In a ranking of from one to ten, Ocean House, by consensus, earned around a five.  The service was terrific and we appreciated their reduced corkage charge, but the room was uncomfortably warm.  The cuisine was only acceptable, and the price was fine, in fact, lower than some of us expected, being on the beach at Waikiki, with a fireworks show.  15 Craigside will return here with a second batch of residents because the sign-up list was overwhelmed with a long waiting list.

Hurricane Ignacio is at a fearsome 140 MPH, but the expectation is definite weakening, with a track that appears at this time to take him north of the Hawaiian Islands:

However, here are the available computer models, and any one, theoretically can still prevail:

Right behind is Hurricane Jimena, also at 140 MPH, with a potential to become a Category 5, but more importantly, with a track that could take her straight for the Big Island:

However those three models showing a right turn, seems, at this time, to be hopefully indicative of the eventual track.

In the Atlantic, Erica has almost totally weakened.


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