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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The next two days will be devoted to food, local today, then international cuisine tomorrow.  To begin, yesterday I picked up a huli-huli chicken from Hawaii's Favorite Kitchens (the branch next to Rainbow Drive Inn) and went to the lookout where the road passes around Diamond Head.  Sometimes you can see as far away as the Big Island from this spot.  This $8 bento features half a chicken that sticks out of the container:

This is my second experience with this feast, so I was better prepared this time to consume it in my car without doing any major damage to the interior.  There is something about just rotisseried/barbequed chicken that is addictive.  While there I noticed a bronze plaque of Amelia Earhart.  On 11 January 1935 she took off from Wheeler Field and made the first solo flight from Hawaii to California in 18 hours and 17 minutes.  In 1937 she attempted an around the world journey and disappeared somewhere in the West Pacific.  The more recent adventures of Solar Impulse 2 have been covered in this blog.  The plane remains in the University of Hawaii hangar at Barbers Point awaiting Spring.

I then went to the Ala Wai Golf Course for my twice a week walk.  I noticed two colleagues, former Electrical Engineering chairman Bharat Kinariwala (left) and former Civil Engineering chairman Ed Cheng.  This is where we go when we retire.  I stopped by Pearl's Gold Tree:

Our 15 Craigside Monday Night Table last night highlighted two gastronomical sensations, Kir Royale (Creme de Cassis with Champagne) and truffles infused boiled peanuts:

Drink #2 was Kir, which replaces the Champagne with Chardonnay.  Some went so far as having 15 Craigside Royale, which was Creme de Cassis and Stolichnaya Vodka over ice.  As dinner was Okinawan Shoyu Pork and Simmered Daikon (turnips), for dessert we had andagi (fried large donut holes from Okinawa) and lemon meringue pie.

These Monday night sessions have been gaining a following, for I just received an e-mail from a friend who wants to donate bottles of liquor for our cause.  That's the third altruistic gesture.

I noticed that our PBS channel had on 60's Girl Grooves, which I enriched exactly two years ago in one of my most viewed postings.  To minimize the fundraising campaign interludes, as I happened to record last week PBS's My Yearbook:  1960-63, and both programs focused on the early 60's period, I watched both together.  To make up for my transgression, I provide phone numbers you can contact:

Tomorrow I feature the best chef and restaurant in the world.  Then, for the rest of the week I will have a space theme, for 2500 delegates from 75 countries just convened in Honolulu for the first  International Astronomical Union General Assembly gathering in the U.S. since 1988. The Thirty Meter Telescope controversy will gain some notoriety with an Aloha Aina Unity March through Waikiki on Sunday.  Various activities are open to the public, but many of them require free tickets.

Super Typhoon Soudelor, now at 150 MPH, is heading for central Taiwan, and should caused havoc, but most likely will only barely affect Taipei:

Tropical Storm Guillermo remains a very stout 70 MPH, but the current projected track shows  a northernly track, largely avoiding the Hawaiian Islands:

But you can't predict with 100% accuracy, so be aware.


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