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Monday, August 11, 2014


The Catholic Church gives the name Purgatory to the final purification of all who die in God's grace and friendship, but are still imperfectly purified.

Thus, 15 Craigside is not purgatory, for I'm alive...I hope.

While 15 Craigside is not at all like that scene imagined by Lodovico Carracci (above), there are certain signs that can make the case for Purgatory:
  • The people here are all nice, but, perhaps not perfectly purified, especially me.
  • We're located next door to 2101 Craigside, where my apartment is close to Heaven.
  • Except for my ocean view side, we are surrounded by graveyards (by the way, that tennis court and pool belongs to 2101 Craigside, where my penthouse apartment will soon be back on sale):

          Here is the view of 15 Craigside from that yellow tree in this cemetery:

  • Within a 15-minute walk, there must be two dozen churches, mausoleums, memorials and other final terrestrial links to Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, like the Royal Mausoleum:

Across the street is the Church of Perfect Liberty (interesting concept, founded in 1924, but forbidden by the Japanese military government, no religious dogma and will show you the path to happiness--600 churches in 10 countries):

          Soto Mission of Hawaii:

          A Chinese Buddhist temple:

          Myohoji Temple:

  • Plus a bunch of consulates and schools.  I like the attitude of Maemae Elementary School--DREAM BIG...WORK HARD:

That's the Japanese consulate above and, below, the organization that owns 15 Craigside:

If I live in Purgatory, I wonder if this posting has helped me gain ultimate purity?


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