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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


At 2250 MW, the Navajo Generating Station (above) near Page in Arizona, which began emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxide from 1974--that was 40 years ago--is supposedly the largest coal power plant in the West.  The Environmental Power Administration is clamping down on this station that is hazing up the Grand Canyon.  The facility will be forced to close in 2044.  Isn't that 30 years away?  And this is the Obama-Democrat EPA.  Oh, also, that could change and the nasty emittance could continue if the Navajo and Hopi Tribes choose to take over the operation.  That's strike one.

Strike two:  Americans eat more steak than any other country.  Click on THIS to access this interactive map of meat-eating nations (Australia and New Zealand are like us.)  Hey, what's the big deal?  We're rich, and we deserve to now and then enjoy life.  Well:
  • Raising beef uses ten times more resources than poultry, dairy, eggs or pork.
  • Livestock-based food production causes about 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, also sucking up a lot of water.
  • Of particular concern are cow farts and burps.  You laugh, but burps contain a lot of methane, which can be 20-60 times worse than carbon dioxide.  I can cite relativity to cars and such, but if you're interested, click on those links.
  • Methane from agriculture will increase 60% by 2030.  (Why am I so paranoid about METHANE?  Click on The Venus Syndrome from the Huffington Post, something I wrote five years ago.)
  • Indicative of future growth, the latest medical research suggests that meat, and maybe even that dreaded fat, could well not be all that bad for your health.  Read my posting on "Eat Beef and Better Enjoy Life."
STRIKE THREE:  Americans are climate change deniers.  First, here is one poll indicating that India and the USA lead the world in agreeing that global warming is a natural phenomenon:

Here's another that's a bit more graphic, the latest poll of 2014 Global Trends involving 16,000 people in 20 countries, where one question was:  The climate change we are currently seeing is largely the result of human activity:

USA          54%
Japan       70%
Germany  72%
France      80%
India         80%
China        91%

Why India heads the first, and rests near the bottom in the second, is a mystery.  In general, these two surveys seem contradictory.  In any case, we are guilty.

Scarily, the above focuses on the average American.  Just think how much more denying fossil fuel companies and Republicans are?  The Tea Party is worst of all.  Seventy-five percent of them believe the Earth is NOT warming.  This is in comparison with 12% of Democrats and 39% of non-Tea Party Republicans.  All this comes from the only supreme nation in the world, where 80 to 90% believe in a Afterlife, so what can you expect?

There are now six ocean storms, only Tropical Storm Bertha in the Atlantic.  

To the extreme West, Typhoon Halong has weakened, and will traipse across Shikoku, pass over Okayama, and glide into the Japan Sea.  

The problem is that Shikoku just experienced record rainfalls from Tropical Storm Nakri, and anything more can become cataclysmic.

Note that the remaining four ocean storms involve Hawaii.  Tropical Storm Genevieve has loitered south of Hawaii for a couple of weeks now, and will begin to turn north and finally become a hurricane, probably tomorrow.  Thankfully, she is too far west and might someday affect Midway.  The potentially dangerous one is Hurricane Iselle (left), now a Category 3 at 125 MPH, and headed straight for the north side of the Big Island, then south of all the other islands, but probably only as a tropical storm, beginning Thursday night:

Right behind, scheduled to hit the Hawaiian Islands over the weekend, is soon to be hurricane, Julio, now at 60 MPH:

Julio will attain hurricane strength tomorrow, could strengthen into a Category 3, and is following along the same path as Iselle.  However, all the churning of Iselle should cool the waters a bit.  As currently projected, the path of Julio now appears to take him north of the Big Island.  Here are a few computer models of Julio:

It will be a wet and windy weekend for Hawaii.


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