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Friday, August 22, 2014


The first two of my five most noteworthy books featured the color blue.  Thirty five years ago, in the midst of those energy crises, colleagues at the University of Hawaii, Waqidi Falicoff and George Koike, and I, published Solar/Wind Handbook for Hawaii:

Waqidi was a remarkable individual, and began his career as a noted musician, and now, an inventor.  George was an engineering / computer professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

In 1996, Wiley published for UNESCO, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, co-authored with Andrew Trenka.  For the wealthy, you can now get a brand new book from for $115, and one last used copy for $194.51.  I should have bought a thousand copies.  Actually, I didn't do much for this book.  Stephen Masustani, Luis Vega and Gerard Nihous of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research did most of the writing.  They are all now eminent in this, and related, fields, on the faculty of the University of Hawaii.

More recently, I have published three books:

Note that two of them are in black:
And, one is yellow:  SIMPLE SOLUTION Essays:  I noticed that the Kindle edition still costs $3.99, but the Planet Earth and Humanity e-book versions seem to have disappeared.

These past two years I have been fencing with the Internal Revenue Service, for they contested my 2011 tax return, and kept asking for additional information regarding my travel expenses doing research for my future books, particularly,  a photo journal, Pearl's Ashes:
  • I have traveled the world dropping my wife, Pearl's, ashes at sites that she wanted to visit, but didn't, mostly because I had no interest in going there.  
  • I thus have made several global journeys over the past few years to the Taj Majal, Mount Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu, among 50 other locations, and have gathered interesting anecdotes that will probably be my next book (as for example, do you ask the government of India about ashes and the Taj Mahal)  
...The Venus Syndrome, which will be a novel, Whiteout:  The Venus Syndrome
...and Blue Revolution:  The Solution for Planet Earth and Humanity.

Some of the above involved providing lectures on these subjects at eminent international universities and societies, as for example:

The whole afternoon and night (this is when the real discussion occurs) session with Tadashi Matsunaga, president of Nokodai (TUAT), in particular, was relevant, for that institution is considering considering a Blue Revolution program.  I am also in the process of creating an International Professorship for the Blue Revolution by endowing my apartment to the University of Hawaii.

The really good news to all the above is that I recently received a letter for my friendly IRS, and can only praise them for their wisdom and support.  They basically said, in heavy legalize, OKAY.  

Here is, thus, my current book plans for the the future:
  • RED--Pearl's Ashes (photo journal)
  • WHITE--Whiteout:  The Venus Syndrome (novel)
  • BLUE-- Blue Revolution:  The Solution for Planet Earth and Humanity (docu-novel)
I might add that there are three ocean storms in the East Pacific:

Two in the Pacific are not threats and the one in the Atlantic looks puny, but Tropical Storm Marie, now at 60 MPH, is predicted to be formidable and attain Category 4 strength:

However, Marie is not expected to pose any real threat to any population base.



Anonymous said...

Green Book: restaurants, food, wine and spirits, fun activities to do in life (that you have already experienced), where and how, travel, cruises, pictures table book.



I'll add Green to my list. I can't imagine, though, that anyone would want to pay $100 to have a book of my indulgences on a coffee table.