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Monday, September 23, 2013


I am the original occupant of Craigside Penthouse A2, a two floor apartment, and I have lived here now for 31 years.  There are two pools, two tennis courts, an exercise room with spa, 24-hour security and a protected view forever.  The Bus stops here.  The management is excellent with a progressive board, and the building is good for fifty more years.  I get visits from pigeons, parrots and other creatures.  But there comes a time when transition beckons, and I'm considering a lifestyle change soon.  Offers?

The building has 27 floors and is the last high rise up Nuuanu Avenue at Judd St.:

My apartment is at the top to the right.  The lower floor is all glass, while the second floor is a man cave with a gigantic lanai.  The view is spectacular.  Rainbows:

While now completely clear, at one time, my roof was a jungle:

Sunbursts, water lilies, hundreds of fish, arugula, mints, calamansi..much more.  Now, they just refinished the roof surface, and I only have a simple table with high chairs.

When I wake up in the morning, I many times see rainbows:

That is the actual view from my bed.  The Pacific Ocean is in the background, with Downtown Honolulu in the foreground:

To the left (east) is Punchbowl as backdrop to one of my feasts:

The sunsets are incredible:

I see the green flash a dozen times annually.

I've never succeeded in actually photographing the event.  It's on my list for this coming year.  This one is from Madagascar.

The top of Craigside is as close as you can get to Heaven.  Logically, too, I might well be that bridge to the eternal good afterlife (although, hell could be an alternative, if you believe in these sorts of things--which I don't), for my name, TAKAHASHI, means "HIGH BRIDGE."


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