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Thursday, September 19, 2013


The finals of America's Got Talent, the eighth season, was held at the Radio City Music Hall (poor timing, but it first opened in 1932) in New York City.  The Rockettes were the first to entertain:

The final competitors were all good, with 39 year old Kenichi Ebina, only a few months ago just an amateur dancer in Japan, prevailing:

• 1st place: Kenichi Ebina:  
• 2nd place: Taylor Williamson
• 3rd place: Jimmy Rose
• 4th place: Forte
• 5th place: Collins Key 
• 6th place: Cami Bradley

The Top Three:

Jimmy Rose is a Country and Western singer, and program after program, he seemed to sing the same song.  At least they sounded similar, just like many rap songs.  Taylor Williamson in the middle could well be the next Woody Allen.  But Kenichi was dazzling, with his choreography blending video.  His iconic moment occurred early in the season:

He must be the first "Got Talent" winner who came from a different country.  There are now 55 nations with their version of this show:

Can you believe that the original host in 2006 (and while this is a British creation, the first show was actually in the USA) was Regis Philbin?  Nick Cannon has now been presenter for five years, and the judges this year were Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Melanie Brown and Howard Stern.  The grand prize is $1 million with a headline show in Las Vegas.  Simon Cowell was an original judge in Britain's Got Talent (this is that first audition of Susan Boyle, a must see, and, yes, Piers Morgan was a judge too), and his X-Factor began its season last night an hour before America's Got Talent.  They both dominated last night, with AGT drawing almost 2 million more viewers than XF.


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