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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As I don't hold much hope for Heaven, I've clung to the potential of immortality.  My Chapter 2 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity provided a few details on the matter of eternal life.  The latest issue of TIME magazine featured Google's attempt to solve death:
  • Created a new company, Calico, to find the fountain of youth.
  • Arthur Levinson (right, and, yes, he is also Apple's chairman of the board), former CEO of Genentech, will run this company.
  • Last week Apple announced a new iPhone--Google created a company to defeat death itself.
  • Google was founded in 1998, but IPO'ed in 2004, the price settling at 100 (initial stock offering was $85.)  Today,  at the opening bell, it sold for 887, while the all-time high in July of 2013 was 928.
  • Google also owns Motorola Mobility, Android, You Tube and Gmail.
  • Has a cash stockpile of $54 billion.
  • Google X is their secret facility to look for miracles, and Captain of Moonshots is Astro Teller, grandson of Edward Teller, developer of the Hydrogen Bomb.  Astro has been quoted to say:
    • Google X is not a philanthropic organization.
    • If you make something a little bit better, people might pay you for it; they many not.
    • But if you make the world a radically better place, the money is going to come find you, in a fair and elegant way.
  • Co-founder Sergey Brin runs Google X.   Brin met Larry Page as graduate students in computer sciences at Stanford, but they both took leave to form Google. While now separated, his wife, Anne Wojcicki, might have had something to do with Google's foray into eternal life, for she is running a genetic testing startup funded by Google.  Her father was a physics professor at Stanford.
  • Co-founder Larry Page (right), says, his primary responsibility is to make sure that the entire organization errs on the side of thinking big.  Two years ago he replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google.  Page appears to be losing his voice.

You might have seen The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson about their Google adventures.

A corollary posting about Google was yesterday published in iBlue Revolution.  If you find interest in developing ocean resources in harmony with the marine environment, you'll want to click on that article.


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