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Monday, September 30, 2013


Hey, this is merely a political game.  Congressional disapproval has been mired at 80% for years anyway, and might even be down to 9%, so who's counting?  President Barack Obama?

But he's not running again, so what's the Republican ploy this time?  Simple as this:
  • The Republican Party is in continued disarray.
  • The Tea Party wants to again be influential.
  • They know that the public is confused about Obamacare, and, more are NOT in favor of the plan.
  • To maintain control of the House, gain majority status in the Senate and then the Presidency, why not take a chance on making an issue where they appear to have the edge?
Sign-up for Obamacare begins next month.  They need to act now, and what's the downside?  How terrible can a government shutdown be, when only non-essential workers are essentially furloughed?  Plus, taxpayers save a billion dollars/week if this one third of one percent our population stays home.

For the record, here is one poll of Obamacare:

If you can't read the details, just click on it.

Of course, keep in mind that TheBlaze, which did this survey, is a libertarian conservative network founded by talk radio personality Glenn Beck.  It's all in how you ask the question to whom.

It's almost as if the Democrats are purposefully playing this game of chicken and want the Republicans to derail themselves, for Obama went golfing this weekend and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  kept the Senate home until this afternoon, when this body thumbed their noses at the other chamber by rejecting the House version of the budget bill.  While the Japanese Nikkei fell the equivalent of a 450 drop for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the American stock market just ho-hummed to minor losses.  Good a way to end this posting as any.

There are five ocean storms:

But, only one, Tropical Depression 22, currently now at 35 MPH, is of concern.  This looming typhoon is heading straight north for Japan:

If you're traveling to the Orient this weekend, be aware.


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