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Sunday, September 22, 2013


This posting is mostly for old golfers, but also for those who enjoy watching moonsets, sunsets and double rainbows.  Let me start with a photo I took from my roof of a moonset a couple of days ago, because the Pacific Links Hawaii Championship was held at the Kapolei Golf Club, just over the horizon from this photo:

The trophy is a poi pounder, but made of koa.  

As I walked around the golf course, it occurred to me that many, if not most, of the Champions (they need to be 50 or older to qualify) had familiar names.  Sort of like comparing the top ten Billboard hits today with the top ten of, say, the '50's.  I know all the songs in the latter list, but almost none in the former.  What was disconcerting was that some of the Champion participants looked young.  I'm not saying much about the golf, but I did notice next door was a Circus.  I didn't realize they still have touring big-top acts.  In fact, this Modern American Circus will reach each island sometime this year.  Apparently, there is a ringmaster, motorcycles in a globe cage and clowns.  The two-hour show cost ranges from $16-$25.  I wonder if they have tigers and elephants?

In any case, after walking around for nine holes, I decided to pick up a roast beef sandwich with a can of beer, plus a martini on rocks:

I found a perfect spot in the shade at the 18th finishing hole (extreme left):

On the final hole, Cory Pavin missed this putt (my lunch spot is to the left in the front row):

Marke Wiebe got a birdie and the final scoreboard showed a tie:

Wiebe won on the second playoff hole: 

On my way home I stopped by Tamashiro's and purchased a red snapper, which I fried on my roof, and, nearing sunset, was also treated to a double rainbow:

But that was not all, for in the Kapolei direction, watched a gorgeous sunset:

Yes, I am lucky to live in Hawaii!


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