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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Michel's is one of those upscale restaurants in Hawaii with a fabulous view for brunch on Sunday.  But before providing the gruesome details about this adventure today, let me start with some background:
  • Shizuko and Professor Shigetoh Miyachi are visiting the University of Hawaii, staying at Lincoln Hall on the Manoa Campus, and returning to Japan on Labor Day Monday.
  • We had arranged to have dinner at Vintage Cave on Sunday.
  • Unfortunately, this restaurant does not serve that day, and were completely booked for Saturday.
  • Thus, I made a reservation for Sunday brunch at Michel's.
  • I called them to relay this information:
    • brunch, 10:30AM, Michel's in the Colony Surf Hotel at the foot of Diamond Head outside of Waikiki
    • provide this information to the taxi driver
How much simpler can it get, right?  Well:
  • I caught The Bus, which dropped me off very close to the restaurant at 10:25AM.
  • There is a free mimosa-like drink which I had.
  • At 11:15AM or so I got concerned, so I called their room at Lincoln Hall.
  • To my shock, Shigetoh answered.
  • I asked why they were not at Michel's.
  • Shigetoh said they thought this was to be dinner at 10:30PM.
  • So, I explained what was the reality and for them to please come now--Michel's at Colony Surf.
  • At close to Noon I got a call from the receptionist at Vintage Cave (above rightwhere they have 18 Picasso's among other works of art)   who wondered why Professor Miyachi and his wife were there for lunch. He gave her my cell #.
  • I asked her to please get them into a taxi for Michel's.
  • While I was on my fourth drink, they finally arrived just before 12:30PM.
  • I was not able to gain an intelligent reason why they went to Vintage Cave.
This experience shows the difficulties of old age:  hard of hearing, lack of good judgement, senility, and so forth.  Plus, add cultural differences and language barriers.  I blame myself for most of this. Anyway, we had a great brunch.  

Here are  Shizuko and Shigetoh:

Their view:

I had maguro/hamachi sashimi, eggs benedict florentine and a tapioca dessert.  The benedict was excellent:

We caught a limousine back to their Lincoln Hall accommodations:

This was a very enjoyable day, actually, for during the two hour wait I had quite a view and an assortment of drinks, while being entertained by a slack key guitarist.


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