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Saturday, September 14, 2013


I mentioned to the OTEC workshop on the Big Island yesterday that this was my second home.  It was June of 1962, more than half a century ago, that I arrived in Naalehu, the southernmost community in the USA, for my first job after graduating from college.  To my astonishment, there was no radio nor television.  Yes, that was a long time ago, but I just read that the Kau District again has no radio.  KAHU-FM went off the air.  It was the only Native Hawaiian owned station.

     KAHU-FM 91.7 MHz
       Pahala, Hawaii

Actually, there was some bare static-laced reception at night in 1962.  But during the daytime, Mauna Loa in tandem with the rays from the Sun completely blocked the signals from Oahu and Maui, and the Hilo stations were too weak.

Mind you, today is not as bad as half a century ago.  At least they have television, and radio signals should return sometime next month as Hawaii Public Radio.  More specifically, by the middle of September.  This a photo of a fundraiser last month:

I sometimes wonder what if I chose not to leave for graduate school.  What if I had remained in Kau?  The median income in Kau is about half that of the state, but the average home is about a third the price throughout the state.  However, the cost of living here at 205 is twice the national average of 100.  Marijuana was readily available then, and more so now.  With me vegetating here, perhaps there might not yet be the promise of the  Blue Revolution, and hydrogen might still only be a futuristic concept.  The thought is disconcerting, but maybe I'm still there and this is all a dream.


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