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Friday, September 6, 2013


It was less than three months ago that I already had an ultimate dinner.  Well, I had another one tonight.

It is my birthday today.  As I think back, I can't remember a particularly memorable birthday.  However, this one will at least be posted.

One goes to a movie for various reasons.  I saw The Ultimate Life because today symbolizes, perhaps, the peak of my ultimate life.  

Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave the film a 13% rating, and viewers 63%.  Not good at all.  In fact, I won't even bother to summarize the film because it is about petroleum.  However, there is something to the message, which is to live a balanced life.  However, if you become a billionaire, it is possible to redeem your worth to society by selecting the individual who can ideally carry out what you would have done if you had lived.  I'm looking for billionaires for the Blue Revolution, so maybe I learned something.

I then went to Apple to get myself a birthday present, a new Mac Air.  My present one has been around for several years and the memory is getting scarce.  I find the i-Pad to be less than capable of fashioning my daily blog.  

The rest of the day was spent gathering ingredients for my ultimate birthday party.  I started with a $35/pound chu toro (medium fatty blue fin tuna):

The full meal, including Malossol Caviar, American wagyu beef equivalent, foie gras, Yoichi 20 year old whiskey (the #1 scotch in the world), Kirin beer, sake and the view:

A close-up:

I left out the egg because the pieces keep falling out.  I replaced the sour cream with Castello Blue Cheese (cow cheese from Denmark), my favorite.  I added some color with salmon eggs.  Plus, an ume musubi.  Here is one caviar concoction:

Then, I thought, why not, combine everything:

Two kinds of caviar, steak and foie gras, with the trimmings.  Next year I'll add the chu toro.

I did have a sunset:

The evening was spent watching David Shoji win his 1107th volleyball victory for the University of Hawaii.  What a fine birthday gift for me.  (Read the details tomorrow.)

Finally, I did have a spot of Louis XIII cognac to top off a memorable birthday:


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