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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The great thing about the EMMY's is that it kicks of the new season.  I won't bother to recap, for you have by now read the results.  If you didn't know, you'd never guess why it is called the EMMY's.  Nothing to do with an acronym.  It was in 1948 when the founders chose "Ike," for the iconoscope tube and President Dwight Eisenhower,  Then, they adjusted it to IMMY, for the image orthicon tube.  However, they had already settled on the female looking statuette, so finalized it to Emmy:

While ABC's Modern Family won for best comedy, I was struck by how much those cable channels have intruded.  AMC's Breaking Bad won two, one for outstanding drama series, HBO won three with Behind the Candelabra and Boardwalk Empire, Showtime won four, and Netflix, FX and USA did well.

Interestingly enough, I never once watched any of the above.  I only make time for sports programs and the news.  However, as I've decided to give up all my fantasy teams until the next baseball season starts, I'll make a new season resolution to view the first night of:

  • NBS's The Blacklist (looks like a really big hit) and CBS's Hostages, which started last night, at the same time, so I recorded one:
  • USA premiers six straight Modern Family reruns on Tuesday (tonight), which will run five days/week
  • ABC's Modern Family, one hour season premier, Wednesday
  • CBS's Big Bang Theory, Thursday (I've watched numerous episodes, but only as reruns---watch here the BEST of BBT, all of 1 hour and 22 minutes, with German subtitles)

  • CBS's Hawaii Five-O, Friday (I've seen many, but lost interest--I'll return, for I suspect this will be their last season, and the Hawaiian scenes, although overhued, are spectacular).  Anyway, if you're really into this program, the premiere screening for this season will occur Thursday night at Queen's Surf Beach Park, with a red carpet welcome of the stars beginning at 6PM.
  • Netflix is a $9/month disaster for me.  The last film I watched was two months ago.  So I'll make up by watching the whole season one of House of Cards series, for "FREE."  Season two starts early next year:

  • My condo replaced HBO with Showtime, so I never saw Boardwalk Empire:
  • Thus, I also missed that Michael Douglas / Matt Damon flick on Liberace.

Typhoon Pabuk at 75 MPH is heading straight for Japan, but is projected to make a right turn and eventually dissipate:


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