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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Comedy Central has a series now in its second year, called DRUNK HISTORY, moderated by inebriated narrators, where regulars and celebrity guest stars play dignitaries in American history.  Here is a representative version of A Christmas Carol with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes.  You will note that "F" words are liberally applied and the dialogue is updated to circa 2014.  Will Ferrell is one of the executive producers.  By all rights, we should be embarrassed and insulted about such shoddy treatment of our most famous.  

Honestly, I never even heard of this program until last week, but happened to read that three Hawaii-related VIPs--Captain James Cook, Senator Daniel Inouye and surfer Eddie Aikau--were to be featured.  The whole production is a string of one-liners and exaggerations, not unlike a series of cartoons.  However, the history is mostly correct and the effect is, amazingly enough, hilarious.

This coming week the effort needles Philadelphia, with George Washington (John Lithgow), Thomas Jefferson, and Benedict Arnold among heroes and villains to be skewered.  Winona Ryder is Peggy Shippen.  Who?  Second wife of General Arnold.  If you're thinking, why am I showing an out of focused Washington, imagine being seriously drunk.  The week following, meaning August 26, Sports Heroes will be the subject matter.   Turn to Comedy Central at 10PM EDT, but Hawaii shows the program at 7PM.  The series  has been renewed for a third season.

Have a great Saturday!


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