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Sunday, August 31, 2014


On Sundays I go to the movies.  I just don't have the desire to post on any energy nor environmental matter.  The most popular show on TV this summer is America's Got Talent (AGT).  The final competitive night will be on Tuesday, September 16, with Wednesday to announce the winner for Season #9.  

I first began watching in Season #5, when Jackie Evancho (left) charmed the world, a much cuter version of Susan Boyle (right) of Britain's Got Talent in their Season #3.  However, Susan's first audition before Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan could well be the #1 video clip of all time.  You got to watch this, a 7-minute video that will make your day.  Maybe even evoke a few tears.  The looks of astonishment are priceless.  And Simon was Simon.

While Boyle's performance was endearing, redeeming and heartwarming, Jackie's first audition was absolutely astonishing.  Here, a 10 year old girl was singing like a diva.  Piers was also a judge for AGT, while Simon created the show.  Incredibly enough, although both Boyle and Evancho have gone on to become famous, they finished as runners-up.

On December of 2012 I got into some hot water with my viewership, for several complained that one of the photos showing Jackie was not her.  Couldn't possibly be.  Click on this posting to see that shot, but, as I explained in my retort, that really was her, and she was growing up.

Well, this is going to again be controversial, but here is Jackie at 14:

While I'm at this, let me feature Grace Chloe Moretz, here in her second film at the age of 8, The Amityville Horror:

She kind of looks like Jackie.

While Moretz was good in Hugo, which was nominated for 11 Oscars in 2011, she has, in general, played darker, troubled characters, and her latest, If I Stay, deals with "out of body experiences." One immemorable moment was last year in Movie 43, where she here experiences her first period:

Of course, this was nothing compared to Hugh Jackman with visible testicles for an adam's apple and Halle Berry making guacamole with her bare and computer enlarged breasts,  This film has been labeled as one of the worst flicks of all time, garnering a 5% reviewers' rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

Now 17, she, too, is growing up.   Chloe at Cannes earlier this year:

Perhaps I'll later today go see If I Stay, now playing at your local theaters.



Anonymous said...

There's nothing controversial about the above pic of Jackie Evancho. It's just part of a publicity shoot. But you link to another one of your blog posts that has a pic of Jackie that you said commenters claimed was not Jackie.

Not true. Read the comments again. The other pic IS Jackie, you just don't understand what people were trying to tell you. The controversy is that the pic of her wearing orange has been accidentally widened, making her look fat. The pic is DISTORTED, yet in response, all you said, and still say, is that "Jackie is growing up." She may be growing up, but she's not a balloon. I really don't understand why you can't see that the aspect ratio of the pic is messed up and should be replaced.

That pic came from Detroit PBS and is no longer available. Any other picture of her from the Songs From the Silver Screen era would be a suitable replacement.

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