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Sunday, August 3, 2014


I've checked into the Sheraton Waikiki, and they did it again.  What a great room with a fabulous view:

Tropical Storm Genevieve is just south of Waikiki, but far enough away that the weather here is beautiful with higher than normal waves.

Chaine des Rotisseurs is hosting here a summer BBQ, Pirates of Waikiki.  It's a costumed gathering, and, I actually have an eyepatch and pirate hat.

I almost instead wore a Roberto Clemente Pittsburg Pirates shirt, but that was when I thought the affair was called Pirates of the Caribbean.

I always visit the Leahi Club, previously known as the Hanohano Room.  This view is even better, for this Executive Club is on the top floor:

Then, onto the pirate fest.  You might not know this, but pirate ships had a ranking system:
  • Captain
  • Quatermaster
  • First Mate
  • etc

The Captain of our Chaine baillages is Kathryn (in the middle):

 Gina and Bruce (who must then be some kind of General, for he presides over all the Chaine societies in the Pacific):

I noticed that virtually everyone was in red, black and white, the colors of the Iolani Raiders.

First, the Koloa (my father grew up in this town) Premium Hawaiian Rum tasting:

Let me just say we had alligator, onaga, poke, Cobb salad, bison, grilled tako, firecracker prawns, tomahawk steaks, lamb chops, charred corn, caramelized pineapple upside down cake, rum raisin bread pudding, with Merlot and Pinot Chardonnay, in no particular oder:

An interesting concept that I'll someday explain.   More:

Just another  Chaine feast.

However, the next morning for breakfast, a second series of Leahi Club photos:

The Ewa view:

The lounge itself is rather large:

The breakfast buffet (everything here, of course, is free):

I had a light meal of miso soup with rice, a croissant, a piece of ham and two juices, orange and POG.  Why light?  I have plans for an extraordinary lunch on my lanai with that magical view of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.  Plus, the hotel has provided (free) some champagne and two bottles of beer.

For lunch I walked around Waikiki and ended up at the Royal Hawaiian food arcade, where I went international:

Mexican tacos, Italian stuffed pizza, Mexican Caesar salad, Vietnamese pho, with Japanese beer and California sparkling wine.  Can't ask for a better view.

There are five ocean storms, and four are interesting in different ways.  First, Tropical Storm Bertha in the Atlantic is only at 45 MPH and not threatening anything.  However, she is scheduled to strengthen into a hurricane on Wednesday...and so far north:

I've never seen this type of formation before  The really dangerous one is Super Typhoon Halong in the West Pacific, now at 150 MPH, and projected to cross the Okinawa Islands north of Naha, and should catch the southern tip of Kyushu, then head for South Korea:

Interestingly enough, Tropical Storm Nakri yesterday struck South Korea south of Incheon Airport and as I post this blog is rolling across the country as a tropical depression south of Seoul:

Of greatest interest to me is Hurricane Iselle, now at 115 MPH, expected to weaken, and pass through all the Hawaiian islands, beginning with the north portion of the Big Island, then on to Maui County, etc.  But at this early stage, you just never know for sure.


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