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Sunday, July 20, 2014

THE FINAL TRANSITION: Part 15E--A Possible Physical Clue Proving There Must be an AFTERLIFE

I again quote from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity:

As we get older, the notion of eternal gloom more and more becomes terrifying for some of us. This is the 21st Century. I’m an educated person. Yes, there are a lot of things I don’t understand, but something so fundamental as an afterlife surely should have been resolved by now. Why haven’t our best minds come up with some proof? Will another billion years of progress add to the information base? Chances are, the answer will be no! Thus, I have come to believe that there is no Afterlife, and, furthermore, no life controlling Supreme Being. The notion that in the beginning God was created by Man, as we also invented the family structure, agriculture and television, is sounding more and more plausible

But that was written a few years ago.  More recently, I've had a potentially transforming experience...which I'll relate at the end of this posting. 

Let me first delve into miracles, and, again from my Chapter on the Golden Evolution:

Most religions feature miracles, especially the Christian ones. In fact, C.S. Lewis has been quoted to say that without miracles there cannot be Christianity. What is a miracle? Merriam and Webster say, “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.” In many, some scientific law of nature is seemingly being violated, and, therefore, if this “something” actually happened, we should be able to explain why. The incident is a lot more difficult to resolve if it happened two millennia ago.
If an individual with cancer of the liver is given three months to live, but completely recovers, is that a miracle? No doubt yes for a very religious person who knows that his family and friends prayed a lot for his recovery. However, any body, now and then, can cure itself. In my definition, this was not a miracle. Some people are luckier than or genetically superior to others.

Popes have attained sainthood for similar "miracles," as for example, Pope Paul II for curing Floribeth More (above) of a brain aneurysm.

I have three miracles to suggest, the third one possibly a hint that there might be an afterlife. 
  • First, six years ago, for curiosity, I initiated an experiment.  I kept re-using my Schick shaving system.  Click on it to read the details.  At one point three or four years ago I dropped it, breaking it.  So I bought another one. The two two-blade razor (one for each) are the only ones I've used at home now for six years, and I shave every day.  On the road I've also had similar plastic travel versions with no brand name, the second because I forgot the first one in one of my hotel rooms.  By all modern day conventions, this has to be a miracle, for just the corrosion of the blades should have made them useless after a few months.  This must be a miracle, for it generally meets the criteria cited above.  A hint that continued reuse is actually possible, though, is the Infinity Razor, where for $4.99 you can purchase from the razor to the right.  That was the price six years ago, and is still the same today.
It sounds looney, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but  a true miracle is that urban legend: a bar of soap between the bedsheets will prevent leg cramps. There is something about getting older and lying horizontal. My wife and I, now and then, no, make it frequently, used to suffer from painful cramps. That bar, and I think it was Irish Spring, was placed a few months ago, and, amazingly, no leg cramps.  Place the unwrapped soap in a cloth bag, held in place by a safety pin, under the bottom sheet at the bottom of your bed.  For some reason, Dove and Dial, apparently, don't work, and Dove is worst.  Ann Landers a long time ago mentioned this solution, and so do some doctors. What is the explanation? No one knows. There is no scientific proof. But it works. It’s a puzzlement, or miracle. Maybe there is a God. Hopefully, this crack in rationality will lead me to an afterlife

Snopes investigated and expressed general amazement, but could not refute this practice.  People's Pharmacy (PP) provides a reasonably thorough analysis.   A miracle?  Divine intervention?  Interesting, though, that the PP blog site indicated that you needed to change (or scrape the surface) of the soap every few months.  I've used the same bar untouched in the same bag for more than six years.  Which apparently means the effect must be psychosomatic.   To me, these razor (which is a physical effect, not mental) and soap bar results are a lot more compellingly convincing as noteworthy than any Pope praying for millions and having a few testify that they were cured by him.
  • I mention those two miracles because it is possible I just went through a "supernatural" experience last week where the circumstance was equally confounding, and, could well be that compelling piece of metaphysical evidence I have long been searching for to convince me that there could well be an afterlife after all.  Here is the story:
    • About ten weeks ago, I joined Kenji's Safari where we golfed five straight days in the outskirts of Napa Valley.
    • On the third day, I had an easy 130 yard shot to the green.  I had dropped of Kenji at this ball and drove to mine.  I took the cover off my 8-iron and I think placed it on top of my golf bag.  After I hit the ball, I came back to the cart and could not find my 8-iron cover.  We had time at the end of the hole so I quickly emptied the golf bag, but no cover.
    • The next day, again, with no one around me, I was a hundred yards from the pin, so I took out my pitching wedge, because of the puzzlement the day before, carefully placed the cover on my seat, went to hit my ball, returned, and, again, could not find the cover.  Looked everywhere.
    • After my return to Honolulu, I had now played at least ten times, and my eight-iron and pitching wedge stood out in my bag because they were the shiny non-putter ones without a cover.  I never got around to replacing the set.

    • Last week, I was alone at my golf cart, went to hit my pitching wedge, and soon after that noticed a golf cover next to my feet.  It was my pitching wedge cover.  And this was my lost cover because what are the odds that I could  find another gray and old one that matched my set?  The first time I had seen it since Vacaville.  I could not explain how it got there, and no one was around me during this period, so the only explanation I could imagine is that someone from the afterlife first stole it in California, then placed it back ten weeks later in Honolulu at my feet.   Unlike a soap bar preventing cramps, which has no logical explanation, mine can only be ascribed to some divine intervention at play here.  On the other hand, Kenji and I have had numerous discussions about the afterlife, and it is not totally impossible that, somehow, he had a role to play in these incidents.
    • So does this prove there is an afterlife?  Nah, I'm willing to allow for this potential miracle as something to do with a feeble mind.
    • However, if over the next few weeks, that 8-iron cover mysteriously reappears, then, perhaps, I can convince myself that there must be something after I die, and I can forever banish any thoughts of my still expected eternal gloom.
After all these TRANSITIONS postings, it seems anti-climactic to end with a golf 8-iron cover as the crucial link to the Afterlife.  On the other hand, if this were to transpire, what an appropriate conclusion:  a prosaic ordinary event to confirm the ginormous answer and evidential solution to a question that has been eluding our best thinkers for millennia.  Real physical proof!  A book, maybe, followed by an epic movie.  But perhaps of greatest importance to me:  I would then be able to face the final transition in supreme peace.

Typhoon Matmo is now at 80 MPH and strengthening.  The expectation is landfall as a Category 3 at Hualian, Taiwan, then on to China:


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