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Sunday, January 3, 2016


I continue to be thusly mystified, but Americans are very religious, 83% Christians with only a combined total of 4% who are Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and all others.  Thirteen percent have no religion, but only half of this total are atheists and agnostics.  This is mostly why surveys show that that nine out of ten Americans believe in God:

So for my blog today, let me attempt to be a typical American.  Last year, perhaps a little too much tongue in cheek, I asked:

For the heathen, if you did not already know this, when you die, you go to heaven, hell, purgatory or a range of other afterlife options, such as eternal gloom.  Purgatory happens to be a mid-point correction site for those who will eventually get up there, but still need to be purified.  I like this potential, for my end results in nothingness.  Thus, 15 Craigside is obviously one of these Purgatory settlement locations, for:
  • The place is run by the United Church of Christ on church property.  We regularly, including on non-Sundays, have some kind of religious service, and even our very own chaplain providing spiritual care.
  • We are surrounded by graveyards and the like, including two crematoria which now and then waft smoke unto our property.
  • There is an almost complete absence of insects and rodents.  I have yet to see a cockroach or rat inside our building, which leads me to think that this place is over-chemicalized.
  • If you don't include the food, the site is almost devoid of sin.  Joke...joke.
  • My room is kept at a constant temperature of 75 F during the day and 69 F at night, for I heard that your body lives longer if exposed to some cold.  On the other hand, there is an authentic Stanford University study which says that your chances of death are reduced if you live in a warmer climate.  Here is a visual from that paper:

(I should indicate that this study emanated from the Hoover Institute, which is a conservative organization known to occasionally disparage the notion of global warming.  To quote:

In fact, a warmer world would be world with fewer fatalities. Cold, not heat, is the biggest killer as more and more researchers are finding.

I searched for some link to the first of April or the like, but the author, Thomas Gale Moore, is employed by Stanford, with an adjunct association to the Cato Institute, a notorious libertarian think tank founded by the Charles Koch Foundation.)

Let's see now, I guess I should return to Purgatory.  Here is what I do here:
  • We have three meals a day, and I probably average one on a daily basis.  A huge waste of money but I would think that in Purgatory or Heaven there are no financial concerns.
  • I have more photos on the wall of the public area than anyone else here.  But that is because my Grand Around the World Adventure story is currently being depicted in the exhibition area of the basement.
  • The people here are what you would expect if you are in Purgatory, terrific.
  • I don't think vacations occur in Heaven.  Here, they allow you outings for fine dining, and I'm now seriously thinking about a two-week Shinkansen holiday in Japan for the Cherry Blossom Season.
  • Minor sins, actually, are allowed in Purgatory, for we have rambunctious poker sessions three times/week.
  • Alcohol, also is permitted, although our Monday Night Table surely must be testing the system.

You ask, how do I know so much about the laws of Purgatory.  Simple, I just made them up.  However, if anyone out there in the ether can send me verifiable proof of any house rules associated with Purgatory, please let me know.

Heaven, however, is an ultimate destination.  Once you get there, you're there forever.  I am currently worried about utter boredom, as my presence in Purgatory guarantees my eventual transfer, once my impurities are divested.  One of these days I'll collect all the hard evidence about this capstone acme and provide a definitive guide to Heaven.  Sure.



Anonymous said...

Quite interesting and comical about 15 CS being purgatory. You're funny, although maybe even serious! But in my view of the Bible, Jesus (who died for our sins), and God in Heaven, to me it looks like you won't have to worry about the boredom of Heaven until you are convinced about the love of Jesus Christ and Him being your saviour. In my opinion and from what I can understand in the Bible, it does not say anything about boredom. Once you believe in Jesus you will accept whatever He has in mind for you. I can only hope and pray that you don't put off too long about your "search" for heaven, but look to see how you can still enjoy the rest of your journey here on earth (even with a few poker games and good wine perhaps), but still have the assurance of Heaven ONCE you believe in Jesus, and only through Jesus will you get to be in the glory with God. But of course Jesus is about helping others as well and doing His will, about selflessness, and giving. Of course, it's ultimately up to God who gets through the "Pearly Gates", but for the Christians who believe right now, we know where we are going, with no doubt. A wonderful feeling. Heaven may suprise you dear Patrick, and I totally believe you would not be I'm praying you soon Believe in God!!!!


Thank you for your thoughts. I have the rest of my life to purify myself if I am, indeed, in Purgatory. My logic is that my eventual death would just be confirmation that I made it. I need something a lot more compelling to suddenly believe in Jesus, who I presently view as a convenient historical religious leader fashioned by, perhaps, the Antioch Jesus Movement, to spur Christianity. Click on

to read my speculations. Chapter 5 of my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity provides more details: