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Monday, January 11, 2016


I went to see only one film this weekend, the 156 minute long The Revenant.  The term means, return from the dead.  Did well at the box office, coming in #2 to Star Wars 7.  Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave it an 80% rating, with 87% from audiences.

The Revenant was the big winner in the Golden Globe Awards last night, gaining Best Picture (drama), Best Actor (drama) and Best Director (drama).  There are double awards for films, as The Martian earned the globe for Best Film (musical or comedy).  Star Wars 7 got no nominations.  However, that is because there was so much secrecy, it couldn't be considered, for the opening date came after the GGA nominations were announced.

Does this mean The Revenant will also prevail at the Academy Awards?  Well, the track record for Golden Globes gaining the Oscar is good:

Last year, for example, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu won the Oscar for Best Director, and his film,  Birman, also got the Oscar.  This year Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a lock for the Oscar.  However, Matt Damon was the Best Actor winner for musical or comedy in The Martian.  Yet, the wild card for the Academy Awards could well be Star Wars 7.

Don't want to give away too much about The Revenant, but the one scene that stands out is of DiCaprio playing 1820's mountain man Hugh Glass being chased by Indians in South Dakota on a horse he stole from French pelt dealers, falling off a cliff.  Glass survives, but the horse dies.  He guts the horse and sleeps in it in a snowstorm, wakes up the following morning, and barely squeezes out because the horse is frozen.

This after he is mauled by a bear:

The bear had ripped his scalp half off, tore his throat open, ripped his back to shreds with its claws, broke his right leg, bit off a chunk of his right buttock and chewed up his left arm.

Much of the film, seems, though, creative writing, especially when compared with the book by Bruce Bradley.

The film is a grotty Perils of Hugh Glass portraying the reality of the American West two centuries ago.  DiCaprio ended his Globe award speech deservedly sympathizing with the plight of Native Americans.


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