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Saturday, January 16, 2016


First, there are two significant ocean storms.  In the North Atlantic is Hurricane Alex:

This is January, and there is a hurricane heading for Greenland and Canada.  This is crazy.  The last time anything like this occurred was nearly 80 years ago.  This cyclonic storm actually started on January 7 off the Bahamas:

Then, in the Pacific, is Tropical Cyclone Victor, soon to perhaps reach Category 4 status, east of American Samoa, and thankfully heading south to nowhere:

It's Saturday, so let me finish with a boast:  I have an herb garden on my lanai, and, although it is difficult to read that ruler, I have a mint plant which produces leaves 3 inches long:

So I went to Guinness World Records and could not find anything similar.  However, I noticed that a maple leaf from  Richmond, Canada was shown at 20.55 inches:

Then, checking further, there is now a leaf larger than 28 inches from Victoria Island (Canada, again):

I also have basil on my lanai, but mine can't match this from the Buddha Box:

Incredibly, a 32 square inch leaf for this hydroponically grown plant.  Here is an 18 pound pineapple from Australia.  While I'm at this, an 18 pound onion from England.

Then, a 49 inch long cucumber. also from the UK and a 25 pound potato from Lebanon.  I can go on and on, but here is the latest giant pumpkin, from   Switzerland, weighing 2323.7 pounds:

The heaviest American pumpkin was grown this past year at  2145.5 pounds:


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