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Sunday, January 24, 2016


There is a book entitled Five Fs of Life and a blog site that focuses on friends, family, financial happiness, fun, and _ucking, linked to a book, Average Married Dad's Guide to Health, Wealth and a Sexy Marriage...but only for 30-40's somethings.

I  woke up this morning--which is always a good way to start the day--thought about my life, and designed Five F's For a Fabulous Future:
  • Fish
  • Fiber
  • Fitness
  • Finances
  • Fath
There is a wide assortment of Five F's, as, for example, one dealing with careers:

A good start,  However, regarding my list, let me begin with Faith, for 84% of the world has it.   Accordion to that article, one third are Christian, half of them Catholics and that the largest population of Christians are in the USA.  I question the matter of faith, so I really have only Four F's For my Fabulous Future.  The Huffington Post now and then features "lost of faith."

Mother Theresa lost her faith.  However, her process of beatification began only two years after her death, the shortest in modern  history.  Thus far 2,565 individuals have been sainted, so she is in select company.  Actually, the beati list is in the range of 7500 people, so her lack of faith can still derail her.  For the record, Catholics have one chance in a quarter million to make that beatified list.

This is Sunday, so let me continue with another Four F's of Success:  stay Focused, stay Fixed, be Faithful and be Fruitful.  And another to the left--not bad, but this one is for something called co-creation.  Huh?  Has to do with management.

So let me elaborate on my Four F's:
  • FISH:  I find that I'm more and more eating fish, raw and cooked.  At  one time mercury in certain fish species was a big concern.  In 2014 the Food and Drug Administration announced that pregnant women can now have 2-3 servings/week, but only certain kinds of fish.    In any case, few of us are pregnant, and while the sashimi (raw fish) I consume might have some mercury (higher trophic level predators accumulate minerals), tuna and the like also tend to have higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which, amazingly enough, increases bone density and cardiovascular health, while reducing inflammation, plus the risk of Alzheimer's and prostate cancer.  Sushi, by the way, almost always uses white rice, which is now supposed to be bad for your health.  Something to do with Type 2 diabetes.
  • FIBER:  Dietary fiber has become the latest rage.  I now truly enjoy vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts, the contents which maintain bowel health, control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and aid in maintaining proper weight.  At one time fiber was not particularly considered to be nutritious, just nicely bulky.  Today, probiotic research has learned that fiber-rich foods feed the "good" bacteria in  your gut.
  • FITNESS: Exercise, for sure, but fitness also must include mental health, where personal relationships and something like Freedom, personal and political, are meaningful considerations.  I walk on a golf course twice/weak, and I've noticed that my blood pressure has been lowered.  Living at Fifteen Craigside has helped, as I was becoming a hermit living alone for six years.  Now, I have 200 in my village, plus a whole bunch of caring staff.  I'm working on the personal relationship part, which could affect freedom.
  • FINANCES:  Clearly, if you're homeless or are stressed out by a lack of money, life can't be too good.  In a way, living at Fifteen Craigside is a kind of ultimate in comfort, for they have promised to take care of me even if I run out of funds  So Finances don't necessarily mean an unlimited supply of loot, although that would be nice, too.  There is only so much one can spend when it is no longer necessary to save for the future.  The optimal state of finance might well be this ultimate security factor.
In many ways, this has become a promo for Fifteen Craigside, as not only do they serve fish and fiber at every meal (you can order from a menu too, plus the salad bar is generous), there must be half a dozen exercise classes/day, with a good assortment of workout machines.  The building filters out pollutants and I can maintain my room at any temperature I want.  Sleeping is enhanced at cooler conditions.  Poker, bridge, the Royal Hawaiian Band, movies, soap operas, educational courses..... I happen to be chairman of the Dining and Nutrition Committee, so that provides an added measure of influence.  Finally, I have more FUN here than anywhere else.

So, while I have, at this time, only Four F's, these should be sufficient for my fabulous future.  Fifteen Craigside is a church-run facility, so no doubt some here are working on that fifth F for me.

But this is not all, for the morning paper also provided for me a fifth F, flavonoids.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on Dietary flavonoid intake and incidence of erectile dysfunction.  In short, eat more vegetables and fruits, plus drink an appropriate amount of tea and wine, to maintain a healthy sex life.  Hmm, that just about represents much of my current diet.  Now, all I need to do is find a way to check this out.


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