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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Yesterday,  15 Craigside's lunch outing was Ray's BYOB Kitchen.  I had dined here six months ago, so if you wish details on Chef Ray, click on that posting.  The establishment fronts River Street, and the current culture of the Chinese Cultural Plaza surrounds the entrance.  I looked closely at what was going on, and most of the tables were filled with players and onlookers involved with card games.

We shared a large bottle of Riesling.  There was no corkage charge.  The food is contemporary Chinese fusion.  Above, Mabel's lobster dish with Rose to her right.  Here is Ray:

I had a steamed uhu.  Quite good, and everyone seemed to enjoy their meal.

Our van:

Next, later this month, Le Bistro in Niu Valley.

Tomorrow I might continue my Crossroads series, featuring the beginning and end of the Hawaiian sugar industry, although I'm compiling some interesting info on our enemies, and they're all in some stage of despair, if not desperation.  Think you're having a tough time?  Count your blessings.  You could be in Beijing, Moscow, Pyongyang or some frozen hill in the Middle East.  Or, maybe I'll review the only two films I have not yet seen almost surely to be on the Oscar list:  The Revenant and Carol.

There has been a fierce storm in the South Pacific the past week.  Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Ula is at 130 MPH and in the general vicinity of New Caledonia.  However, all projections show Ula turning further south and east:


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