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Thursday, January 21, 2016


I feel compelled to do something physically strenuous two or three times/week.  I stopped using the treadmill for fear of falling and find exercising too boring.  I frequently walk on a golf course, but my next option is to hike into downtown Honolulu to have lunch.  The stroll back is all uphill and challenging.

I generally have no idea where I will eat.  The other day I walked by a nondescript The Pig and The Lady on the makai (sea) side of King Street, just Chinatown side of Smith Street, poked my head in and saw a large restaurant filled with people.  I was lucky to be immediately seated at the bar counter.  There is also a dessert counter, and the main dining room.  

This is what I had:

Well, actually, no, but someday I will.  Instead I had their Hue broth pho, with a glass of Prosecco:

It was okay, but I wish they left out the mint, which was overwhelming.  The pork belly and beef were also somewhat lukewarmish.

Honolulu magazines's Best New Restaurant last year was The Pig and the Lady, the pig representing Andrew Le, the chef, and the lady, his mother Loan Le.  Eldest son, Anderson, is programming director for the Hawaii International Film Festival.  Andrew was Sous Chef for Chef Mavro.  This is a Southeast Asian fusion restaurant with a focus on Vietnam, from where Mama came as a refugee 41 years ago.

On the way home I walked by this sign at a bar on Nuuanu Avenue:

Did I tell you I now have a large bathtub?  I thought the $10,000 installation charge was outrageous, but I heard someone paid $15,000 for essentially the same system.  My doctor's approval was necessary to gain this addition, with the excuse being to lower my blood pressure.   I add an assortment of potions and salts.  Anyway, I have more safety bars than any small bathroom in the world (you can't see two more to the left):

Whenever I use a hotel bathtub I'm now fearful, for they are not protected well against falls.  That black box to the right is my Bose wireless speaker, which plays relaxing tunes from my iPod, like Wooly Bully and Louie Louie.  I had a vodka gimlet with a splash of peach schnapps.  My blood pressure after the bath fell to 116/65, proving conclusively that my excuse had some validity.

I then went on to give a travel talk at 15 Craigside on my Grand Around the World Adventure.  All 70 photos used in my presentation are now being exhibited in the basement of this building.  There were several photos featuring Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, the best in the world.   I had one more steak left, so last night had a fabulous dinner on my lanai:

I had a Stanford University Collector's Reserve Cabernet, and finished the evening with a Louis XIII cognac:

My best day of the year.

There is a storm brewing in the Indian Ocean, Tropical Cyclone Corentin:

While Corentin will attain Category 2 strength, there will be no danger to Mauritius.


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