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Monday, January 4, 2016


I've long felt I could do a lot more to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.  However, the fact of the matter is that I mostly pontificate and rarely take any real physical action.  I kind of admire people who are at the frontine, like Jim Hanson, fighting to reduce climate warming, or Bill McKibben, leader of the anti-carbon campaign group  They brave the cold, get arrested, miss meals/showers...which convince me to continue pontificating.

Then there are those environmental / social / economic activists like the Occupy Movement and Eco-terrorists.  Many of these organizations cause more harm and grief than good, but these revolutionaries are largely well-meaning, many times dedicating their lives to these pursuits.

Well, this is a long lead to two films I saw this weekend:

  • The Hateful Eight:  Rotten Tomatoes 75% reviewers and 79% audiences, #3 this weekend.  There are two versions, with the released version only 2 hours 47 minutes long!  Grossly violent, graphically liquidative, some humor, sadist's nirvana, many of the same actors from Quentin Tarantino (wrote and directed again)'s previous 7 films, a Jennifer Jason Leigh (daughter of actor Vic Morrow, added Jason because of Jason Robards and incredibly enough is already 53) serving as a foul-mouthed punching bag, and a production devoid of meaning, unless you wish it to argue for gun control in America.  
  • As you know, President Obama today again  wielded executive privilege and bypassed the Republican Congress, announcing gun control measures that will royally tick off Republicans.  The part I don't understand is that Republicans have been virtually powerless to neutralize these measure in the past, as in the EPA rules to reduce coal usage, so on with gun control by edict.  A good part of Obama's success is that he picks targets supported by the populace.
  • Point Break:  68%/79%, #9.  First, there was a previous Point Break, filmed in 1991, that originally considered Matthew Broderick, Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer and Charlie Sheen, with direction by Ridley Scott, but ended up with Patrick Swayze, Keeanu Reeves and director Kathryn Bigelow (she was then married to James Cameron and went on to best her husband for the Oscar with The Hurt Locker over Avatar in 2009).  However, these surfers were just common bank robbers.  The new Point Break has no actors of note, but a group of extreme sports athletes driven by eco-warrior Ono Osaki's 8 (hey, same number as The Hateful 8), ordeals to honor the forces of nature.  Thus, their criminal activity served to Save Planet Earth and Help Humanity.  Their infractions were spectacular and stunts beyond mere surfing:  big waves, wing suits, free rock climbing and snowboarding, not unlike the The Man Who Skied Down Everest (this is the whole two hour movie).  I remember being on a snow board bunny hill with kids half my height, and my crashing into the adjacent white picket fence.  Another reason why I merely pontificate.  

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