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Saturday, January 2, 2016

GLOBAL CRUISE 2018: Any Interest?

I'm now in my eighth year of this daily blog, and this posting today could well be the most important one, for me, anyway, and you can, perhaps help.  Certainly, it has become obvious that I should not delude myself into thinking I will have any impact on the crucial issues facing Planet Earth and Humanity:
  • World Peace Forever, more specifically, a 10% solution, as summarized in one of my HuffPo's on this subject.
  • Global Warming, best articulated in my HuffPo on a 5 cents/pound carbon dioxide credit initiative I proposed more than six years ago.
  • The Hydrogen Economy, where I seven years ago suggested in a luncheon statement to the National Hydrogen Association to make hydrogen fuel free.
If you had any initiative and clicked on those above sites, you've got to admit my solutions were simple, and maybe that was the problem.

Okay, so back to the rest of my life.  As many of you readers know, it was only a few weeks ago that I returned from my Grand Around the World Adventure.  I said this 65-day trip was the final such extravagance of my life.

However, in dinner conversations at 15 Craigside, I joked that, well, maybe there was yet an absolutely final venture I was considering: a 120-day around the world CRUISE.    I indicated a problem I faced in that you need to pay for two people in a cabin.  The Tauck European River Cruise I took allowed singles where the room price was half the normal cost.  

Ocean cruises are not kind to singles.  FOX News had an excellent review of this dilemma.  Turns out that Holland America Line has an option where they will find you a roommate, but it has to be of the same gender.  Same for the, and similar sites.  I will later provide some of my qualifiers, but two important ones are that the second person needs to be female and clearly Homo sapien.  Finally, Norwegian Cruise Line does feature a few single occupancy rooms, but it recently won a world worst cruise line award and, in any case, doesn't have a specific global itinerary.

So that is the challenge:  find that second person with the following essentials:
  • of the female gender
  • capable of paying her share of the room, including any travel cost to get to port and back home
  • free from January through April in 2018
I've subsequently waived any age requirements, which might have been illegal anyway.  On this recent European river cruise, two 90 year olds were the life of the party, and one of them said keep her informed.

The primary requirement is that we must be compatible.  There are three steps:
  • communicate
  • have lunch or dinner to get to know each other (I am now planning on a Cherry Blossom train tour of Japan in April of 2016, with a trip on the new bullet trip to Hokkaido, so that could be a meeting point for anyone in Japan)
  • take a short cruise together, probably around the Hawaiian Islands on Norwegian Cruise Line (yes, it's not the best, but it is convenient)

What happens if I get fifteen finalists?  I can dream on, or, in that unlikely event, I will be very busy this year and next.  I will pay for lunch, drinks, etc...but not for travel or the around the island cruise.

What happens if no one shows interest?  There are those match-making sites I can enter if I get desperate.  Badoo has a quarter billion members.  But that's Chinese.  Mamba has 12 million.  No, you need to communicate in Russian.  However, my safe exit card is that  I really don't need to travel around Planet Earth again.

But the reason I'm even bothering to upgrade the search process is that what began as a whimsical conversation item attained a high sense of reality when I mentioned this voyage to a close friend of mine from Japan.  Tadashi and his wife Mayumi were having dinner with me at 15 Craigside when I remarked on these thoughts, and he rather seriously indicated that he and his wife would be interested in joining me.  When I then laughed that I needed to find someone to join me in my cabin, but she had to pay her own fare, he said he knew of someone, but more than that statement, he said it in a way that meant this would almost surely happen.  I've seen this demeanor before.    Knowing them, I can be comfortable that their recommendation will not look like or have the temperament of Godzilla.  

Tadashi is President of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and is the pre-eminent authority in his field, for he was the first editor of the Journal of Marine Biotechnology.  To the left, Brandon (who works at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute and got his PhD under Tadashi), Nicki (his wife, who also works at the University of Hawaii), Mayumi and Tadashi.  The reason why the trip will begin in January of 2018 is that all these world cruises start that month, and Tadashi's presidential responsibilities end in March of 2017.

Thus, if Tadashi will be advancing a candidate for my world cruise, I thought I might as well also open up the competition to women I know (and, by the way, I leave that to your initiative) and ask colleagues to recommend potential prospects.  Feel free to comment below, but anyone desiring further information regarding this article, my e-mail address is:

Like Tadashi and Mayumi, you, too, might want to get on this once in a lifetime cruise opportunity.  If you fall in this category, let me know so you can be part of the decision-making process.  It's always a pleasure to have friends with you on a cruise.

By the way, the reason why I can't pay for a partner is that I am again back to a hand-to-mouth existence.  Any flexibility I had disappeared when I endowed my apartment to the University of Hawaii, creating a Blue Revolution program.  15 Craigside has an annual financial review and you need to maintain a secure cash position to live here.

Which cruise will I take and what will it cost?  We will together decide.  Crystal Cruise is out because it doesn't have a real global journey, plus, there is that expense factor.  Read the following articles to learn further about world cruises:
Will this cruise be reported in my daily blog?  Of course, but certain precautions can be taken to maximize privacy.  Then again, the cruise will not occur until 2018, I will reach one million viewers later this year and SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY might no longer be in existence by then.

As fully 90% of you don't know me, that photo above was taken nine years ago.  HNEI commissioned portraits for all the staff, and this was taken last year:



Bruce Liebert said...

Great proposal, Pat! Good luck. Who knows, by 2018 WE may join you.


Hey, that would be terrific. See you at the celebration for the rest of your life.

Margaret Toups said...

Happy New Year, Pat!
As Harry and I struggle to even drive to Florida to visit friends, I can't see us joining you in January of 2018! But, I also know that people change and I enjoyed reading your blog on this adventure. And who knows what the future holds.

Have a blessed 2016!

Margaret and Harry

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