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Friday, January 29, 2016


I now and then introduce my readers to something new.  Earlier this month I posted on my experience with Uber.   Today, a hybrid site, QUORA.  

So what is Quora?
  • blog sharing site
  • different kind of Twitter
  • Wikipedia-like learning platform
  • spam-type link that mysteriously appears on your e-mail with answers to questions that eerily connects to your personal past
There is something going on that makes you wonder about how this organization found out what you like that invasion of privacy comes to mind.  They somehow learned I graduated from Stanford, so I began to receive the following types of questions:
  • Why did Stanford University withdraw its bid to build its own campus in New York City?  Some Answers:  
    • Let's face it, the only close rival vying for Platonic-form-of-American-university would be Harvard (if you don't care about science or sports, but that's a separate topic). So Stanford likely felt and acted like it was God's gift to the noobs in NYC, and that it was entitled to expand its world domination. 
    • Rather than kissing his feet, the Stanford contigent likely came to NYC with an entitled attitude. Bloomberg (and NYC'ers in general) was not expecting this. NYC is the center of the universe. Sure, they want to replicate Silicon Valley, but they're not going to kow-tow to those crude westerners.
    • Cornell was going to win anyway with their $350 million gift.

  • Should I attend Purdue or Stanford?  There were 27 answers to this query.
    • Purdue is a wonderful school, but the doors of opportunity that you will get at Stanford can't be matched anywhere else. Nowhere else is there the same mix of tech, entrepreneurship and raw intellect as The Farm. Not to mention that, if you like a nice campus, Stanford blows Purdue right out of the water
    • You can get a great education at both places, but there are advantages to Stanford which others have outlined. My daughter went to Stanford and had the kind of college experience everyone dreams up -- intellectually, socially, etc. I also have taught at both Stanford and Indiana (well, not exactly Purdue but still). From my side of the podium, there's no contest.
  • Why would a high school student choose Cal over Stanford?  There were 30 responses.  My freshman roommate transferred to Cal in his sophomore and returned to Stanford.  I never asked him why.
    • Diversity.
    • Greek life.
    • Bears.
    • Cuisine.
    • Nightlife.
    • Coffee shops.
    • Size.
    • Unique major.
    • Cost.
    • Can't stand the snobbery, elitism and sense of entitlement at Stanford.
    • Stanford is sterile.
    • ...there were more.
And these were just about Stanford.

How do you initiate a question?  In the search bar at the top, ask your question, ending with a question mark.  Click on Ask Question.


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