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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This is a bonus posting today.  Scroll down to the next article to read about the price of oil sinking to a twelve year low.
Anyway, the Blue Revolution will be featured today, starring Leighton Chong, local patent attorney (although he did most of his practicing on the East Coast), and I, on Bytemarks Cafe, a weekly PBS radio program moderated by Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa, better known as the Geeks in Residence (Ozawa on the left).  If you're in Honolulu, you can tune in to 89.3 on  your FM dial at 5PM to listen and call-in

     (808) 941-3689

For those living elsewhere, you can e-mail

Burt Lum indicated to me that:

For your post you can mention that people can also listen live on the web at

We will also be discussing the efforts of Blue Revolution Hawaii, (above, dinner with interested associates) a mostly local organization working in collaboration with ocean resource leaders around the world to develop the Pacific International Ocean Station:

PREAMBLE:   Floating in space is the International Space Station, a $150 billion adventure which appears to be in the process of being abandoned.  For one percent the cost, say $1.5 billion, the Pacific International Ocean Station is being planned to serve as a grazing plantship powered by OTEC for a global partnership to advance the development of sustainable ocean resources in harmony with the marine environment.  Certainly marine biomass plantations and next generation plantations, but also opportunities for innovative business practices, exciting new living habitats and maybe even a Disney at Sea.


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