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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Honolulu must have broken some kind of unofficial record yesterday, as the humidity made the 90 F temperature feel like 100 F.  Something to do with the remnants of Tropical Storm Ela.  So, of course,  I challenged the elements (it was also drizzling), strolled into Chinatown, and walked by a restaurant I had never seen before:  Ray's BYOB Kitchen:

It is located right off Nuuanu Stream (upstream is 15 Craigside Place):

Being only a couple of months old, the interior is contemporary.  It seemed that everyone eating here was Chinese, except me.

Originally from Hong Kong, Ray Chau is a serial restauranteur, for he is famously known for Won Kee, Chiu Chau, XO Seafood Restaurant and A-1 Steakhouse.  At one point he left Honolulu to open two restaurants in China:  Hawaii Cafe and Victoria Bar & Grill (named after his daughter, and the Hong Kong Harbor).

As BYOB is in the name, I brought with me beer and scotch (the bottle says gin, but scotch was inside):

The hot tea is Oolong with red dates.  I ordered their beef noodle soup, into which I poured the scotch, and something spelled chicken funn.  

Individually, the dishes were kind of awful.  The soup was much too salty and the funn had no salt, was bitter and overwhelmed by chinese parsley.  TOGETHER, THE COMBINATION WAS GREAT!  I very much enjoyed the meal.  I noticed they have high tea here, or maybe the Chinatown version is tee:

Just a few doors away, I noticed I could have gotten a haircut for $8.  The environs around this part of River Street are not the most attractive, but there seems to have been a kind of clean-up, and brush down, dealing with the homeless.

As I was walking back to 15C I saw Shimazu Store

Hey, someone from Stanford having a shave ice.  Never, never order this treat without the plastic safety holder (green below and yellow for me).   I should note that the correct grammatical term should be shaved ice, but even President Barack Obama knows how to say this.  

On the Big Island it is called ice shave.  I ordered a tamarind, lilikoi (passion fruit) and cappuccino combination with ice cream and condensed cream.  All this for $6:

Note that this small size is about as large as her head.  People complain that my blogs are too long, but much of this one has to do with the plethora of photos.

There are now seven ocean storms, with one in the Atlantic:

Typhoon Nangka is at 95 MPH, will strengthen into a Category 3 and, presently, has a projected track towards Shikoku Island and over Hiroshima:

There is a budding hurricane named Dolores in the East Pacific, which will gain strength, weaken and move west of Baja:

Here is that disturbance in the Atlantic, called Invest 92L, not expected to amount to much:

I include these storms for some of you might be taking cruises to these parts of the world.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing what sounds like a Treasure in Ray's BYOB Kitchen. Gotta try it one of these days. I actually enjoy your long blogs, especially the ones about food with photos