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Saturday, July 25, 2015


The Signature Prime Steak and Seafood, also known as The Signature, was the latest dining outing enjoyed by the first fourteen to sign up to fill the 15 Craigside shuttle. But before I go into our experience last night, let me begin with two other meals I had this week at Orchids.

A third of a century ago when I was working for the U.S. Senate in DC, I promised myself that when I returned home to Hawaii I would have one meal a week at the beach.  Well, maybe that did not happen, but I do go out of my way to do this.  Usually it is a bento with beer on a recliner under a coconut tree at Magic Island.  

My second favorite spot is Orchids at Halekulani.  This happens to be the location where my photo heading this blog was taken eight years ago.  Recently, the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute hired a professional photographer to take portraits of all staff members, and some time this week I'll give my readers an opportunity to pick which shot should replace my iconic Diamond Head view.  For today, I show the mug shot of Bor Yann Liaw, who spent the past year in China, for we had lunch at Orchids.  His wife has placed him on a diet, for he gained a few pounds, mostly, he said, from all those banquets during the last few weeks celebrating his imminent return to Hawaii.

I also had lunch with Connie Olson of Denver, whose husband, Harry, was the Spark Matsunaga Fellow in Geothermal Energy at the University of Hawaii.  His health is such that only she and friend Deetsie (who was married to a famous Hawaii oceanographer) will next be traveling to the Seychelles, where the British royalty go.

I might add that my blog has suggested that older people who are slightly overweight live longer than those underweight.  My personal doctor indicated that I was not old enough so I should lose five pounds.

To help the weight loss process I decided to walk home along the ocean front, then up to 15 Craigside.  Here are a few photos along the way:

At the Top of the Ilikai is where the opening credits with Jack Lord were shot in 1968 kicking off the original Hawaii Five-O.  15 Craigside recently had a dinner outing at Sarento's, also located the the Top.  The latest version of Hawaii Five-O will premiere at Waikiki Beach on September 12 to begin their sixth season.

Close by the Ilikai is the Ala Moana Hotel, where at the top is The Signature.  Our dinner for 14 was fabulous.  Here is Peter Kim, who owns the place, with us:

Kim, a graduate of Kaiser High School, was once a place-kicker for the University of Hawaii, who decided to transfer to Alabama to play for Bear Bryant, and did very well.  The life of Peter Kim is one of the great success stories, for he returned to Hawaii to open Yummy's Korean Barbecue, and now also expanded Liliha Bakery.  We all thought he could pass for  a younger version of actor Jackie Chan.  The restaurant holds 275 diners and opened just about two years ago.

I started with a gin martini and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Sisters Yasuo and Sue in the background.  Our view below,  followed by Henry and his usual Chardonnay or two.  

He shared this seafood tower with Audrey.  I must say that the service was impeccably directed by Eda (below) from Istanbul.  She suggested Pasa Doner when I get there this fall.  Not fancy, but said to be the finest of its kind in Turkey, with the best gyros.  Whoops, but you need to sit outside on the street.  Hmm.. Maybe not.  CNN recommended Mikla at the forefront of the contemporary food scene.

Our group leader was Cookie and her Alaskan Crab legs:

In the background are Jerilyn, Pepper, Eric and Fred.  Sue's double lobster and the rest of the group, with Jorge serving us:

Another view of my Caesar salad, 24 ounce porterhouse, lilikoi creme brûlée and double expresso:

Poor photo, but Chef Ray came by to say hi:

This was Friday night, so we got  the fireworks show from the Hilton Hawaiian Village;

Another crummy photo, but all the less than acceptable ones above came from my iPhone because my regular SONY camera ran out of battery power.

I thought our dining outing to The Signature was the best so far for 15 Craigside.  The food, ambiance, service and ending fireworks show made for a perfect evening.

Halola is no longer a typhoon, and will skirt the west side of the Japan coastline over the weekend:


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Anonymous said...

Rather than movies, for a change, recommend seeing Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Hawaii Theatre. Sunday, 7/26, 1 pm final show, by Paliku Academy of Performing Arts, directed by JP Tai, who did an AMAZING job of directing these kiddies. Fantastic musical, great storyline, marvelous set, worthy of a blog. I'll bet you and your 15C friends will be glad you saw the show. Kids sang and danced like Pro's. JP was mentored by Ron Bright. He is able to bring out the best in his performers as did Mr Bright. Remarkable director.