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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Yes, that was this past Friday, July 17, on Mauna Kea.  Sure the elevation is 13,000 feet, but 1.5 inches of snow in Hawaii in July?

Otherwise, construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) remains delayed by Hawaiian protesters.  They say the mountain is sacred and, after 12 telescopes, enough is enough.  Oh, well, the European Extremely Large Telescope (left) is already under construction at the Cerro Amazons Observatory in Chile, and will have an aperture of 39.3 meters, which would have an area of reception 72% larger than the TMT.

Otherwise, last year was the hottest on record for Planet Earth and 2015 is showing signs of being even warmer.  It was so hot in May that more than 2000 lost their lives in India, while 1200 died in Pakistan last month.  Will this compel decision makers to invoke a global carbon tax?  Nope.  If millions succumb in Europe or the USA, only then will legislators get serious.  With air conditioning and the ability of government to shelter the "people,"  chances are low that this will happen any time soon.  A perfect storm of extreme heat and widespread blackouts might work.  You can hope that compelling logic could overcome public perception influenced by economic resistance, but such is the nature of our society, which takes cataclysmic tragedies to catalyze action for the common good.

I might add that the 15C Monday Night Table featured coconut margaritas:

Next week the main dish will be Kalua Pig and Cabbage, so we will have Chi-Chi and Blue Hawaii, which was invented by Bill Yee of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in 1957:

Halola is now a typhoon at 85 MPH and will strengthen into a Category 2, with current models predicting the eye moving through the west side of Shikoku Island, then over Hiroshima on Sunday:


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