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Monday, July 20, 2015


Bill Day is my kind of cartoonist.  He is pro gun control (also known as anti gun rights) and was accused (but was exonerated) of plagiarism for the scene to the right.

He recently released this masterpiece:

Yes, Barack Obama's deal with Iran has pushed the Republicans into an extreme pro-war corner.

But Republicans sometimes cause their own problems, like inviting Pope Francis to give the first ever personal papal message to the U.S. Congress.  For two decades now John Boehner (he is Catholic and now Speaker of the House, while former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also Catholic--as are 30% of the members of our Congress) has been inviting Popes to address this legislative body.  Francis accepted, and on September 24 the Republican anguish is that Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times reported he has recently said:
  • Excoriated the excesses of capitalism as the "dung of the devil."
  • Pleaded for action to stop global warming.
  • Enthusiastically supported the new nuclear accord with Iran.
The Republican Congress could well be in midst of being bollixed by all the above in September.

Tropical Storm Halola is at 60 MPH, and will strengthen into a typhoon, but weaken back to a tropical storm before make landfall in the general vicinity between Nagoya and Tokyo late this coming weekend:


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