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Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've now had this daily blog for more than seven years, the very first being on 29April2008.  There have been 892,272 visits to this  blog site, and the latest is from #219, San Martin.  I'll report on this country sometime later this week.  I've missed a few days, mostly because this blog is supported by Google, and they have a continuing feud with China.  While there I sent a couple of entries out through a Russian link, and it turned out this was a rather racy interface, resulting in a few bizarre responses.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute commissioned a professional photographer to take portraits of our staff.  It was a team of three with a make-up artist.  As the photo at the masthead is now eight years old, I thought this was a good time to change that photo.  Here are two I am considering:

But there is nothing particularly descriptive of these shots.  So what about something taken in 1958:

Or when I actually did some research by building a tunable laser and stimulated the DNA/RNA bonds of E. coli in a microbioreactor:

I once was into oil paintings, so what about sharks:

Or with a whale shark, for this subject always attracts a lot of viewers:

I post on all sorts of political issues, so a photo of my days in the U.S. Senate, perhaps:

That's me to the right. My first 240Z, and this one does also have Diamond Head:

Probably, the articles that draw the most comments are those dealing with food, so:

The first photo is at a Chaine des Rotisseurs (eating society formed in the 13th century) gala affair at the Four Seasons Hualalai, while the lower one is at La Terrazza, where I had my finest dish ever, a white truffles risotto in Rome.  Perhaps a book signing for credibility:

Ah, a rainbow:

This is my favorite tie:

Well, this is beginning to lose relevance, so let me end this charade.  If any reader has any opinion on a replacement of the masthead photo, let me know.

Tropical Depression Halola, already down to 30 MPH, made landfall near Nagasaki:


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