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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Yesterday I forgot to even provide a title to my posting.  However, since my prediction that some sort of nuclear bomb control agreement with Iran would be reached, that accord actually was announced today.  Teheran celebrated to the left.

When you reach back to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis or the continued threat of First Strike during the Cold War, and the cataclysmic consequences that would have occurred, we can only be thankful that the World today is now relatively safe.  Aside from picayune terroristic events and the looming potential of global warming, all is mostly well today for Humanity.

The most likely trigger for a hot war anywhere was the matter of Iran having a nuclear capability.  The odds were high that Israel would have bombed suspected sites and initiated a major new crisis that could have spread throughout the region, leading to an economic recession and even depression, for the global oil supply would have been seriously impacted.

No matter what the 17 (Governors John Kasich and Jim Gilmore will soon announce) Republican presidential candidates say, that agreement with Iran is a landmark compromise of historical proportions.  Of course, the Republican controlled Congress will be a major hurdle to be cleared in September, and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has not said OK yet.  Additionally, there are soft spots in the concessions that will need to be resolved over time.  But just the fact that the negotiators actually arrived at a workable treaty is clearly monumental.  

The klutz in all the above is Vladimir Putin, who just announced that he will add 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to his arsenal.  However, this was just posturing to irritate the West.  He already has more than 8,000 of them.  We have almost as many.

Fittingly, world economic order was matched with the transition to a more stable Greece.  The country most to gain from all this good news is the USA.  While the Nikkei has doubled since Prime Minister Abe's second term, keep in mind that the 20,385 high today is less than a third what the Nikkei was worth (in 2015 dollars) in 1989 when their all-time high was reached. Almost the same for China, where the Shanghai Composite went up to 4,000 today, but had a high of 7000 (2015 dollars) in 2007.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average crept back up to 18,000, within shouting distance from the record 18,312 attained two months ago.

As also indicated yesterday, New Horizons sent back photos of Dwarf Planet Pluto (above) and moon Charon.  Nearly eight years ago the craft flew by Jupiter (left).  Next, the Kuiper Belt, heliopause (boundary between our solar system and interstellar space), and, perhaps, to be uploaded, sights and sounds from Planet Earth, to announce our existence to some alien civilization.  The whole project will eventually cost a billion dollars if continued beyond 2016.  In the grand totality of our Federal budget and the trillions spent for wars, I think New Horizon is a justified expense of our tax monies.

The 15C Monday night table featured last night White and Black Russian, essentially Kahlua, vodka, cream over ice, with the Black version deleting the cream:

This was a rather strange evening with a dessert drink at the top, and our pupus being roast pork, turkey tails and chocolate:

Dinner featured an excellent teriyaki chicken.  Next week, coconut margarita with Mexican music.

Typhoon Nangka is now up to 105 MPH, will strengthen into a Category 3, has a projected track Thursday right over Kochi on Shikoku Island, then over Japan into the Japan Sea:

Typhoon Halola is at 100 MPH, moving away from the Hawaiian Islands, will strengthen into a Category 3 and ease past Wake Island, then move north of the Mariana Islands towards Japan:

Hurricane Dolores is at 85 MPH, will also become a Category 3, but move sufficiently west of Baja and weaken:


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