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Monday, July 27, 2015


I've known James Hansen for some time now.  We are acquainted with each other and, well, colleagues, for he now serves as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University.   He is a more credible global warming expert than Al Gore, having been a former director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, alerting all of us to the dangers of climate change in the 1980's (that's him then) before any government official had the courage to announce so.  

I saw more hair on him than ever before talking to Fareed Zakaria on GPS yesterday.  Today he sent me (I'm on his e-mailing list, with, no doubt, thousands of others) some details, entitled:  Darn!!  Sea Level Disaster Ahead?  

Basically, he said (my editorial comments are italicized):

  • Our global sea level could well rise as much as 10 feet within 50 years.  (Coming from a usually sober-minded individual, this is frightening.)
  • The potential of going even higher in the subsequent years is particularly alarming, and we could lose all the coastal cities in the world.  (Yes, the Netherlands has found a way to tame the ocean, but what Hansen is saying will definitely include Honolulu and much of southern Florida.)
Hansen's solution is for the world to very simply invoke a severe carbon tax.  Five years ago in The Huffington Post, I proposed a 5 cents / pound carbon dioxide credit.  Read the details.  I further advanced The Venus Syndrome to scare decision-makers.  The problem is that no one listens to me.  Professor Hansen will make a difference.


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