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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I haven't reported much lately about our 15 Craigside Monday Night Table.  Last night we had an ALOHA party for me, as I'm leaving on my global adventure tomorrow.  We featured Mai Tais, concocted by our master mixologist Dexter:

Note the real sugar cane stirrer, which can be chewed.  Toast goodbye-- hands of Polly, Dexter and Emily, plus, Mino and Robert:

Stopping by were Eric (President of 15C) and Pepper:

The cuisine was not up to Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera standards, but was more than ten times cheaper

The minestrone was excellent.  Our Monday nights have this past month featured Air Force One, here with Dexter and Emily, and Pina Colada:

When I return, I've promised caviar and frozen vodka.

A tropical storm has popped up north of Guam, and seems headed for Japan:

While strengthening to Category 3 is expected, all models show the storm moving north parallel to Japan at sufficient distance.  Good.  The last thing I need over the next ten days is another major weather condition over the country.


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