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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GAWA Day #8: My Best Japanese Meal for Under $100

GAWA, if you're new, is the acronym for Grand Around the World Adventure, and I've completed day #8.  Yesterday, at the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort in Miyazaki, I had my best Japanese meal for less than $100, and that famous Miyazaki wagyu beef was included.  The entrance to Toyotama is impressive, with a long, dark, walkway, not unlike La Tour d'Argent:

First came the appetizer.  I am having a Kirin beer and a Cab from Australia:

Below, my whole meal, and count the dishes:

Here is a close-up of the Miyazaki sirloin, followed by a satisfying dish of fruits:

The steak was fabulous and the meal was my best Japanese dinner for under $100, including beer, wine, tax and tip.  As a side order, 200 grams, less than a tenth of a pound, of Miyazaki sirloin, costs $140.  All the above, including Miyazaki sirloin, with the drinks, amounted to $89.

I must be gaining a reputation here, for the hotel assigned Ritsuko Ogi, food and beverage manager, to personally serve me,  She was an absolute angel, who tolerated my demeanor (remember, I'm unhappy that I was not in Miyachiku), and went to great lengths to find something like a Miyazaki rib eye (which I declined, for the cost would have almost doubled) in the building:

There is some night life in this hotel:

Tomorrow is the one of worst days to travel by train in Japan,  for that will be Day 5 of the five day holiday.  I must find my way to Kyoto and Suiran, Sheraton's first Japanese-themed hotel.


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