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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sure, this blog site attempts to determine solutions for Planet Earth and Humanity, and I have for seven years mostly focused on renewable energy and the environment.  However, friends and readership statistics make me wonder if my postings on food/travel, entertainment and natural disasters are more popular, and I did publish a book (SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity) on much of this  other stuff.  Do people read blogs to be educated or entertained?  But football?

Well, anyway, this is the first weekend for college football.  The National Football League season begins next week.  However, the hot news item of the day is Judge Richard Berman nullifying the 4-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (the taller guy).  Read that article for the details, but this ruling was an unanticipated but wildly cheered slap in the face of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the team owners.  The league is run like a fascist state, with little regard for the players.  However, the fact of the matter is the Patriots are known for illegally deflating footballs because that is how Brady wants them and that Goodell was correct in imposing a severe penalty.  Further, the Patriots have previously been penalized for bending the rules.  But the NFL seems to almost unilaterally interpret these rules to their favor, and this judge's action will henceforth equalize the process.

The first week of any sports season is always time for optimism.  Colorado comes to Hawaii, and a good many home fans actually think Hawaii, a 7-point underdog, will actually win.  They could, but three of their next games are on the road agains Ohio State, Wisconsin and Boise State, all ranked, with Ohio State being #1 in the nation.  If Hawaii crushes Colorado--they won't, but, just in case--keep in mind that Ohio State plays a tough game against Virginia Tech on Monday night, giving Hawaii eight days to prepare, while Ohio State will only have four.  Unusual for the first weekend, but there are several excellent matches:
  • Wisconsin and Alabama at Arlington, Texas
  • Michigan at Utah
  • BYU at Nebraska
  • Texas at Notre Dame
  • Washington at Boise State
  • Stanford at Northwestern
  • Louisville at Auburn
  • Virginia at UCLA
  • Arizona State and Texas A&M in Houston
Tomorrow I plan to attend the Hawaii-Iowa women's volleyball game...and the start of my final around the world adventure is less than two weeks away.

No ocean storm is threatening anything but ships at sea.


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