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Thursday, September 17, 2015

GAWA Day#2: Tokyo, Tsunami and Volcanic Eruption

Here I just leave Hawaii on my Grand Around the World Adventure (GAWA), and the state instantly gets threatened by an incoming tsunami from Chile and an advisory that Mauna Loa might soon erupt.  Well, that 8.3 earthquake did raise the sea level around 3 feet in Hawaii and 1.3 feet in Japan.  Wave heights rose 15 feet over Chile and as of a few hours ago, 11 had perished.  Their monster tremor in 1960 was the largest ever for Planet Earth with a moment magnitude (MM) of 9.5.  Amplitudes of 82 feet were experienced in Chile and Hilo, Hawaii reached 35 feet, with  61 killed.  Up to 6000 might have lost their lives and the damage has been estimated up to $6 billion in current dollars. These mega earthquakes dominate the energy released by such events:

Note how relatively minor ALL the OTHER earthquakes (the right side--about half) generated during the past century.  That 1960 earthquake at 9.5 MM produced 63 times more energy than the 8.3 MM yesterday.  Click on my posting of 5 years ago to learn how to calculate the relative strengths.

And, no, Mauna Loa is not Mauna Kea, where the protests have been ongoing to stop the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope.  But Mauna Loa is the one that almost inundated Hilo in 1984.  Also on the good news front, apparently Kilauea has stopped flowing towards Pahoa.

But I'm now in Tokyo and will later today visit Jindaiji, where I will commune with Pearl's statue.  Return for the details.

Typhoon Krovanh is now up to 120 MPH, but, as this projection shows, should not threaten me:

Krovanh is a Cambodian tree.


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