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Friday, September 25, 2015

GAWA Day #10: A Simple Solution for Peace in the Orient

I did promise to report on Pearl's Gold Koi, and, for sure, my posting tomorrow will provide details.  But with the departure of Pope Francis for New York, in comes the Xi Jinping, the President of the People's Republic of China, so let me today focus on the future of China. My very first Huffington Post article, more than seven years ago, was entitled:

Introduced was the 10% solution for world peace.

Two and I half years later (2November2010), I posted:

This was a recommendation to incoming president, Xi Jinping

1. A truly safe, but shocking, pronouncement, soon after you attain presidential status in 2013, is to commit your country to the edicts of the next Kyoto Protocol to check global heating, which by then should have been settled in Cancun. Of course, I can already predict that this second agreement will have all the loopholes necessary to provide another decade of wishy-washy do nothing, but the USA will still be debating the demerits of ratifying anything related to the Cancun Protocol, so your position will, on a relative scale, be statesmanlike.

2. Now, for the big one, surely to gain a Nobel Prize of your own. You have a couple of years to analyze the sanity and brilliance of the 10% solution. By 2013 the G8 nations should be augmenting this powerful world body to at least ten, and maybe a dozen. China will be invited to join. After your opening remarks at your inaugural presence, you can consider stating....

Interestingly enough, he actually took the first offer and signed a climate change agreement with Barack Obama about a year ago.  They are again meeting on Friday, and my counsel is to ignore #2,  that 10% solution for peace.  President Obama is just not ready for so profound an overture.  Plus, our Military-Industrial Complex will not allow anything like peace to occur. 

However, when you get back home, begin the process of re-thinking where China wants to be in the next century.

  •  Certainly, attacking and occupying Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc. makes no sense at all.  Major wars are now obsolete.  
  • Those islands of contention?  Peanuts!  A few resources, perhaps, but hardly worth the expense to beef up your military just to posture your way into claiming them.  
  • You say you are afraid that unless you expand your defense budget, foreigners will again take over your country?  Nonsense!  That's antiquated thinking.  Your economy is so dominant now that that just won't ever happen.
So here is the plan.  
  • Call a summit for countries of the Orient (Japan, South and North Korea, India, Vietnam, the Philippines...and, even Russia).  
  • In your opening statement, the following fundamentals will long be remembered as the crucial first step to World Peace:
    • Proclaim that China will next year reduce your military budget by 10%, and you would like all countries to do the same, even those not at this gathering.
    • You will continue to cut 10% in subsequent years if each country in the Orient does the same.
      • What if the USA and Europe not follow suit?
      • No problem, they will take a little longer to do so.  
      • The Military-Industrial Complex remains dominant.
    • Indicate that those islands of contention should be shared by those countries in close proximity.  A follow-up summit will deal with this matter.
  • These re-appropriated war funds can now be utilized by those complying countries to strengthen their economy, improve infrastructure, enhance educational opportunities and remediate global warming.
There are already 23 countries with no military, including Costa Rica, Iceland, Mauritius and Panama.  In 2012 (it has gone up), the CIA reported that military expenditures were 2.42% of the global Gross Domestic Product:  $2,000,000,000,000--that's $2 trillion every year.  For the record:

If China initiates the 10% Peace Plan, there is reason to believe that much of the world will, in time, head in that direction.  Terrorists?  Navy Seals and drones can handle this task for way less than 10% of the current defense budget.  

In a decade, the world will have no military of any consequence, and Xi Jinping will forever be hailed as the ultimate pioneer for world peace, an order of magnitude greater than the monumental act of  Mikhael Gorbachev in ending the Cold War and potential for a nuclear winter.  He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1990.

Typhoon Dajuan is at 85 MPH and is quickly strengthening to Category 4 status.  The current path has the track just about over Miyakojima, the solar island of Japan, then passing just north of Taiwan and ultimately crashing into China, 

However, at least one computer model has Dajuan making a right turn and move towards Japan.

Well, for sure, Okinawa will be hit hard.


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