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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GRAND AROUND the WORLD ADVENTURE (GAWA): Day #1 Honolulu to Tokyo

My Grand Around the World Adventure (GAWA) begins today with a flight on United Airlines from Honolulu to Tokyo.  I am in the process of writing three books, and this trip will conclude the research for at least one of them:

  • Pearl's Ashes:  I have dropped my wife's ashes at at least 50 sites.  I plan on this being an e-book, for it will feature photos of each site.  I need a few more.  A hardback will cost several hundred dollars.
  • The Venus Syndrome:  This will be a novel, and I would like to nail down certain details to make the narrative and dialogue more authentic.  For example, I need to know the exact decor of of a certain auditorium in Kyoto for historical accuracy.  There are dozens of these environmental details to confirm.
  • Blue Revolution:  My major focus these days has to do with the Blue Revolution.  I endowed my apartment to the University of Hawaii to establish a Blue Revolution program on campus.  I haven't if this book will be a scientific text, a doc-novel or what.  I will meet with people and tour sites to gain a better perspective.
This is only a grand tour, for the ultimate occurred two and a half years ago, called My Ultimate Global Adventure (MUGA).  While it lasted only 51 days--GAWA will extend on for 65 days on business class--I flew first class and, well, it will be difficult to exceed the sheer enjoyment of MUGA.  Mind you, a year and a half ago was My Ultimate Fantasy Adventure (MUFA), only 31 days, and only Circum-Pacific, but this journey might have been even better for what I could not report.

I purposefully kept the itinerary relatively safe, maybe even sedate, with only two new stops, Dubai and Venice.  Return for the site of your interest:
  1. Honolulu to Tokyo
  2. Tokyo
  3. Japan Rail Pass to Kanazawa and Matsumoto
  4. JRP to Sapporo
  5. Sapporo
  6. Sapporo to Tokyo
  7. Tokyo to Kyoto
  8. Kyoto to Miyazaki
  9. Miyazaki to Yokohama
  10. Yokohama to Tokyo
  11. Tokyo
  12. Tokyo to Seoul
  13. Seoul
  14. Seoul
  15. Seoul to Hong Kong
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Hong Kong to Singapore
  18. Singapore
  19. Singapore
  20. Singapore to Bangkok
  21. Bangkok
  22. Bangkok
  23. Bangkok to Dubai
  24. Dubai
  25. Dubai
  26. Dubai to Istanbul
  27. Istanbul
  28. Istanbul
  29. Istanbul to Venice
  30. Venice to Milan
  31. Milan for the World Expo
  32. Milan to Venice
  33. Venice
  34. Venice
  35. Venice to Frankfurt
  36. Frankfurt
  37. Frankfurt to Budapest:  Board Tauck River Cruise for 14 days
  38. Budapest
  39. Vienna
  40. Vienna
  41. Danube River
  42. Passau
  43. Regensburg
  44. Nurnberg
  45. Bamberg
  46. Wurzburg/Rothensburg
  47. Maine River
  48. Rudesheim
  49. Cologne
  50. Amsterdam
  51. Amsterdam
  52. Amsterdam
  53. Amsterdam to New York City
  54. New York City
  55. New York City
  56. New York to Chicago
  57. Chicago
  58. Chicago to Las Vegas
  59. Las Vegas
  60. Las Vegas
  61. Las Vegas to San Francisco
  62. San Francisco
  63. San Francisco
  64. San Francisco to Honolulu
Certainly looks like 64 days, but there is an extra day somewhere from crossing the International Date Line.

Of course, in all my odysseys I continue to gather information for books I am writing.  I'm this trip focusing on two of them:  THE VENUS SYNDROME and the other being my experiences associated with dropping Pearl's ashes, which is looking more and more like a photo-essay, thus, the need for more photos.

I've already been around the world around ten times, so one wonders why I'm again doing this.  Frankly, it all started with a talk I gave at 15 Craigside on how to plan an around the world trip, for I'm probably one of the world authorities on this topic.  There was sufficient interest that I gave a second presentation on the details of such a journey and varying costs depending on class of service.  I also added on a European cruise, for I keep hearing good things about it.  Sadly, no one is joining me, so this global adventure will be all by myself.

I added Dubai and Venice, the former because it calculates into THE VENUS SYNDROME, and the second because this was one of the places Pearl wanted to visit, but never did.  There, too, is the Milan World Expo, which will be involved with both books.

So, I'm off to Tokyo.

Before and after dinner:

And dessert:

Tokyo is raining.  Tomorrow will be the same.

Tropical Storm Krovanh is just about now becoming a typhoon, and will strengthen at least into a Category 4, but, as earlier mentioned, seems headed sufficiently north that Japan, and my trip, will not be affected:


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