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Monday, September 7, 2015


In our quest to dine the world, 15 Craigside on Saturday had lunch at Mexico Restaurant on School Street in Kalihi.  The decor is appropriately kitschy, service excellent and food bountiful and very good.  The establishment is owned and operated by a family from Mexico.  They opened with Mexico Lindo in Kailua and last year, Mexico Cantina in Ward Centre, where Compadres once operated.

Maybe too many longhorns for my taste, but nothing else was particularly over the top and some of the art pieces added to the ambience.

Our 15 C leader, Marsha, and the group:

I hate those free tortilla chips and salsa because they too efficiently fill me up...but I still had more than  my share.  I had a combination beef tacos and chalupa, with a margarita, and, amazingly enough, ate and drank everything:

And, no, I only had one drink.  Here is Sue with her shrimp:

Henry and Audrey were not sufficiently supersaturated, so shared a rather large fried ice cream, and ate the whole thing, by themselves:

The specials were under $10, but most dishes are more expensive than what might be expected of a Mexican eatery.  The margaritas started at $10.  This might have been our only outing so far where everyone I asked had very positive comments.  In a one to ten rating system, I would give Mexico Restaurant an 8.

Yesterday, my 75th birthday (scroll down to next posting for details) was celebrated by the 15C photography club.  Here are a few photos of my chocolate haupia cake and Prosecco party, where members showed photos they took from our zoo outing three weeks ago:


It took me 75 years, but I just realized I don't really like cake.  Next time I'll have a happy birthday pie.  But that could be in 25 years when I reach three digits.

Here are my zoo photos:

Happy Labor Day.


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