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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This was an extraordinarily busy day for me.  A team consisting of Irene, Wally and Paula helped me place 70 photos of my Grand Around the World Adventure on the 15 Craigside basement exhibition wall.  Come by to view this feat.

Epicureans from 15 Craigside last night dined at 3660 on the Rise, which, of course, is at the top of the hill at the corner of Wilhemina Rise and 3660 Waialae Avenue.  The restaurant was founded by Chef Russell Siu and Gale Ogawa in 1992, serving Euro-Island cuisine, and regularly wins local awards for best restaurant and the like.  I had not been here for at least 15 years.  Below, a waving Harriet:

John, our waiter was terrific.  Francis and I started with gin martinis:

From left, Francis, Nancy, Norman, with Harriet and Audrey to the right.  From the other end, Cookie, Jeri, Harriet, then on the right, Deanna and John.  

If you're wondering why they look so young, they are all really old, but life at 15C is so wonderful that no one ages.  I should add that Cookie is actually our outing leader.

I had escargots (fabulous), macadamia nut crusted lamb (excellent, but way too much--each piece must have been half an inch thick) and some symphonic dessert (heavenly, but enough for four people), with a pairing of three wines (Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Chardonnay):

Everyone thought this was one of our better outing dinners.  The good part is that our van drops us off and picks us up:

And if you think that was all for the evening, I came back to join our poker table:

Henry, Howard, Carl, Henry the Commish can't mention her name, for maybe she doesn't want her mother to know she plays cards with men.  Two more soon joined in, returning from the University of Hawaii basketball game against Mississippi Valley State.  On  Thursday night the group starts at 9PM and plays until midnight with appropriate libations to welcome in 2016.

Last week 15 Craigside went to the New Liliha Bakery, occupying the building previously housing Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab.  Frankly, I was impressed, for this new version is a significant upgrade from the original version, still on Kuakini off Liliha:

The old kitchen probably had one cook and was about as large as a closet.  Now:

They are still known for coco puffs:

Everything went well and the food was as expected.  However, I got two gripes.  First, they take reservations only for parties of 20 or more.  Thus, our group had to wait at least 45 minutes.  Second, they serve too much, especially for old people who come from a place which provides three meals a day.  No sense bringing home any food.

A few of us from 15 Craigside were invited by Henry, the poker commissioner, whose daughter's family runs Market City Shopping Center, to Sandy/Marvin's home, located way up Hawaii Loa Ridge.

One of their sons, see photo below, regularly delivers to Henry a huge plate of sashimi, accompanied by a large bottle of Chardonnay for our table of four, no doubt the highlight luncheon of the month at 15C.  That night there were Black Jack and Poker tables, which were essential, for Henry and I should have been playing back at 15C.   We ate the best food and drunk high end alcohol (they actually had Lagavulin, my favorite scotch--and note the Stag's Leap Red).  This was a Christmas party, so we of course sang all the standard carols, and were entertained by famed Broadway star Cathy, here serenading Henry, with his daughter holding him back:

Henry's nephew, Bill, now owns his own consulting company.  The last time I saw him must have been at least 40 years ago.  He was my first student at the University of Hawaii, who remembered the micro-bio laser reactor we built:

I sat across from John of the Star Advertiser and Laurence, an eminent benefactor, who I've long admired for providing large sums to various universities, with Sandy in the middle:

Sometimes I should add last names, but they are all so famous that you know who they are.  The family with Cathy:

Finally, here is the latest creation of Dexter, master mixologist for our 15C Monday Night Table:

That's his wife, Emily, in the background. This happens to be called STP, and I can only use the initials, for this blog site frowns when I get too descriptive.   One of the 15C staff suggested this concoction, for we wanted something the current generations drinks. Actually, we can call the drink anything we want, for we added Malibu Coconut Rum, not in the original recipe, and are working on this new title.


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