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Monday, December 14, 2015


I've written or co-authored five books.  They were all non-fiction.  Novels are different.  I've never written one before.  However, there are innumerable success stories from first-time authors.  Why not me?

So I'll need a plot or two, characters, a storyline, timeline, etc.  Will there be any love interest or two?  Will Humanity survive?  

While the liability for fiction is difficult to adjudicate, why take that chance, so there will need to be a melding of personalities and realities in shaping these individuals.  Certain organizations will similarly need to be shielded.

I've been thinking about this all my professional life, so I have all the potential scientific and technological issues worked out.  I pretty much also have the characters poised to be fleshed out:
  • a hero or heroine or two or three
    • leader of the Blue Revolution
    • inspiration for a SETI solution from China or Japan
    • Senator who becomes President, then a lightning rod for progress
  • a villain or two and more
    • director of the Good Earth Society (fictional), well-endowed through third party funding from fossil fuel companies
    • Senator (sure, Inhofe, but a more potent composite to prevent lawsuits)
    • Muslim environmental terrorist who has long buried herself as an employee of the Indian Point Energy Center (2,000 MW of nuclear power, but might need to have name change) located 25 miles north of New York City
    • three more in various stages of development
  • three billionaires
    • proponent of an emergency Mission to Mars to save Mankind (How can I adequately portray someone who is not Elon Musk?)
    • an advocate for the Blue Revolution
    • still in development

The book will begin with my posting of yesterday, where the world has gone to pot and getting worse. The first character to moderate the present and past will be me.  After all, I have been personally involved with global warming remediation, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the Blue Revolution and the Hydrogen Economy.  There will be flashbacks on threads of solutions that began many decades in the past, more than over balanced by the idiocy of why Planet Earth was being so challenged in the Year 2020.

Into the future from 2020 I will drop out and the story will proceed in a direction that hasn't yet been invented.  Heck, if I can spend 10 hours for just one day/week, no reason why a 500-page novel can't materialize by 2017.  I'll either now and then post excerpts in this blog site, or terminate this blog as soon as the end of the year, or at a point when I reach a million visits (946,500 as I post today), so that I can finish this novel.

Typhoon Melor, once a Category 4 when first crashing into the Philippines south of Manila, is now still at a powerful 105 MPH over Southern Tagalog.  As a tropical storm, Melor then will head southwest in the South China Sea towards Spratly Island.


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