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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


This month, for example, I've posted on eating food, terrorism, perfume, food again,world safety, entertainment and dengue fever.  Well, I call this SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY, so I guess I can report on anything.  But, is eating a solution?  Look to the extreme right column, and count how many of the top twenty postings relate to energy?

This, nevertheless, all began as a renewable energy and environment site.  After all, how many of you out there have: 
  • taught sustainable energy and environmental engineering courses at a university, 
  • led a national team on remediating global warming, 
  • helped pass in the U.S. Senate original legislation on wind power, ocean energy and hydrogen, 
  • chaired the Wind Energy Division of the American Solar Energy Society, 
  • chaired the U.S. Secretary of Energy's Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel,
  • worked on fusion at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 
  • served as a reservoir engineer for the Hawaii Geothermal Project, 
  • worked for six years in the biomass industry, 
  • conducted microbial biofuels research using carbon dioxide from a power plant, 
  • co-created an organization to expand the utilization of renewable energy throughout the Pacific and World (Pacific International Center for High Technology Research), 
  • ran an electric vehicle research project, 
  • directed the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute for 15 years,
  • been awarded
    • an energy medal from a national engineering society, 
    • an ocean pioneer trophy from a national oceanic society and
    • a man of the year honor from the National Hydrogen Association, and
  • written five books on all the above subjects?
Yet, after more than seven years at this on a daily basis, you can only say so much about these topics without becoming much too repetitive.  Plus, when friends tell me they much rather see the photos on cuisine and my readership increases from my travel postings, while I personally enjoy reporting on films, TV specials, music, the non-reality of religion, peace over war, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (after all, I did spend some time at the NASA Ames Research center on this subject)...that explains why this blog site is what it is.

In any case, inserted in many of the non-technical postings is an assortment of factuals and trends to provide educational value.  After all, I am a professor with a deep commitment to enhance life on Planet Earth for Humanity.  Rather than only complain and criticize, I focus on simple solutions.  It is discouraging though, that I appear to be having no positive effect towards remediating global warming or world peace.  But I plod on with the hope that the seeds I plant in your mind will someday have some beneficial consequence sometime in the distant future.

Tomorrow I return to The Venus Syndrome.  That gathering in Paris will be reaching a minimalist agreement as I predicted last month.  You can look on this result as some kind of joke, or take the positive view and rejoice that this will be step one towards the World finally getting together to prevent global warming.  I created The Venus Syndrome in SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Planet Earth because I thought decision-makers are too compromised by fossil fuel lobbyists, Republicans and their ilk.  The Venus Syndrome is a two-by-four solution to save Humanity.


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