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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I walked 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course yesterday and had a photo taken at Pearl's Gold Tree next to the 17th hole tee-off:

Frankly, the tree did not look any bigger than it did on the day it was planted eleven months ago:

It actually looked smaller and scrawnier, but perhaps there is a transition period to get acclimated to the environment.  All the other Gold Trees looked similarly challenged.  For a while I thought they had died, but I noticed yesterday that most are now beginning to re-sprout leaves.  It  takes time, but in five to ten years these trees should for a few weeks in the Spring look like the following from the Manoa Campus:

Around 20 trees were similarly planted at the Makalena Golf Course.

My Pearl's Ashes effort came to a conclusion during my recent Grand Around the World Adventure.  I've now laid her ashes at more than 50 sites around the world, and, as I consider writing a novel on THE VENUS SYNDROME, I am also thinking about publishing a photo journal of my experiences as PEARL'S ASHES. This will be only be an E-book, for a hardback of colored pictures would cost a fortune.  Mind you, I'm not exactly tossing large samples of ashes into the air.  The photo at the left indicates the gel caps I utilized.  Here, at the Taj Mahal.  I should indicate that a few of the ceremonies were symbolic.

I will close with a photo just sent to me of Sofia Pearl, who was named after Pearl:

Typhoon Melor has unexpectedly strengthened back to 120 MPH, but has largely, now, left the Philippines, and is still projected to head towards the Spratly Islands.


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