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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Yes, I promised to provide my latest edition of THE VENUS SYNDROME today, but, it turns out global warming is not even on the list of American priorities, so I tomorrow return for the latest on what is happening in Paris and why we need something more than countries wasting their time just trying to agree on how to prevent global warming.  As compelling scientific evidence has not worked,   THE VENUS SYNDROME  was created to shock and scare humanity into taking action now.

According to a poll by Gallup and U.S. News and World Report:

Frankly, I was somewhat surprised how high terrorism rated, especially after my posting this past Sunday on TERRORISM IS WAY OVERBLOWN BECAUSE OF POLITICS.  No doubt Donald Trump's inflammatory proposal to bar any Muslim from even visiting the USA appears to reflect the views of many of his followers and more, for his popularity rating seems to still be rising towards an all-time high:

Can't read the fine print?  Just click on it.

Anyway, my contention that terrorism is not all that pressing comes from the following comparison:
  • (6.2)   Worldwide, there are 437,000 homicides/year.
  • (3.8)   United States alone, 12,253 murders/year.
  • (0.3)   Worldwide deaths through terrorism, 20,000/year.
The numbers in the parentheses stand for number killed/100,000 inhabitants.  Terrorism in the World is only 5% of homicides.  In the U.S. we murder people at almost 13 times the rate of terrorists.

Here is another survey from the same Gallup/USNWR article:

Again, nothing about climate change or energy.  By the way, have you noticed that the price of oil is nearing $35/barrel, heading for one-third of what the price was last year:

Worse, Iran will "soon" be re-entering the oil market.  But petroleum prices will rise...someday.  How much?  Well, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has oil at $58.96 in December of 2024.  What do you think this will do to the solar industry?  You can expect wholesale bankruptcies, the abandonment of promising, but expensive, biofuel production efforts and the significant abandonment of fracking operations.

Let me end with an upbeat note that Kirk Douglas, who was a real hero in the movie Trumbo, just celebrated his 99th birthday.  Here, with son Michael:


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